Wednesday, November 09, 2011

"This Is Only A Test"



You Believe "THEM", Right?

When most people drive down that long stretch of Interstate road...they never notice it. Of course they don' stands on top of a the background...and it is never any night.

But it's there. For a serious reason. And most people don't know what that reason is.

Most people don't.

But some people do.

That tower is linked to an evil project. And it's almost ready to begin.

On a day in early November, it will go through a trial run. In January 2012, it will be released, for real.

And most people won't understand what's happening when it hits.

But some people will.

There are some hateful humans in our Country. And they are determined to make everything...and everyone...adjust to their way of thinking.

Not since Hitler has anyone tried to "alter" society to this extent.

"THEY" are now.

It will start with a series of sinister vibrations...tremors that will affect different geographic the State of Oklahoma.

Then the sound, part of a clandestine plot, will be transmitted across the Country. That sound will contain a code...and that code will change everything.

Because it will re-arrange the thought process in people's minds. It will literally grab hold of people's brain cells and twist them around. Only those with "normal" brains will be affected. Those with brain damage, mental retardation (including Downs Syndrome) or dementia will drop in their tracks. And they will die. In seconds.

They won't have a chance.

This horrible action will jump from a secret tower to another and then to another. All the way across the entire Country. From Maine to Florida to Texas to Arizona to Nevada to California to Idaho to Washington State. A tainted technology will travel at a terrible speed...into every will even affect those in law enforcement...

...except for those who already know that "IT" is coming. "Those who know" will be unaffected. For "THEY" are already "clean" and "in control."

Even the deaf will "hear" the tone when it reaches their ears.

And then, the "Re-Arrangement" will begin.

The preparations are almost complete.

The trial run is coming. And it will begin with the famous words, "This Is Only A Test."

This is a work of fiction. Isn't it?

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