Saturday, December 03, 2011

Following Ruthie

A woman decided to follow my blog, recently. I blocked her. Another woman is following my blog, right now and is doing so with my blessing.

What's the difference?

The first woman, (that I don't "know" in any sense of the word) is apparently linked to the screwball "psychic", Stephanie Almaguer.

The second woman (Happy Birthday, Jaime) is part of my "inner-circle" on Facebook and we have conversed for over a year, now.

The first woman decided to follow my blog without so much as an introduction. The second woman has shared photos of her family and her home and every other cool aspect of her life with me. The second woman has an interest in the missing boy, Kyron Horman. So do I.

The first woman seems to be focused on Almaguer. Beyond that, I don't know a thing about her or if she is actually a female.

But I am aware of one fact: Stephanie Almaguer, for all of her implied insight, is a very insecure person who has almost no idea who I am. But she sure likes to get online with her cronies and talk about me. Oh my, yes she does.

I find it very amusing. Pathetic. But funny. Almaguer is one bent bunny. Hoowee!

And I still think that the layout and the color-scheme on her blog, sucks.

A group of lawyers, based in St. Louis, Missouri, visited my blog, yesterday. So did someone from a children's hospital. And yet another person logged-on from a high-tech company.

They are all following the Lisa Irwin case.

Meanwhile, Stephanie Almaguer and her cronies continue to grind out more crapola than you'd find in a large box of gossip granola.

That's just a whole lot of hooey.

What I am wondering is if Stephanie Almaguer is more deeply connected to the Lisa Irwin case than she is letting on.

In the spirit of true disclosure, I offer the following information (What are YOU going to bring to the Table of Truth, Ms. Almaguer?):

1.) Yes, I am a hitchhiker and have been one, off-and-on, for seventeen years. It's been an incredible experience and I wouldn't have missed it for every picket fence in America. The only State that I haven't visited is Hawaii. I have also spent time in most of the Provinces of Canada.

2.) I have maintained this blog since December 16, 2004. Very soon this blog will officially be seven-years-old. That is legendary in Blogger years.

3.) My interest in missing people began after the disappearance of a personal friend in Pennsylvania. Since then, I have followed the Sabrina Allen, Kim Forbes, Carlie Brucia, Kyron Horman, Skelton brothers and Lindsey Baum missing person cases, among others.

4.) I suggest that you check-out the link list on my blog and, if you're real sharp, you might discover something accurate about me.

5.) The reason that YouTube didn't like my Halloween video to Terri Moulton Horman (who a.) many people feel is directly responsible for the disappearance of Kyron Horman b.) is subject to a restraining order from her husband who left her and c.) lost custody of her daughter, Kiara to her husband) is because I said that I hoped that she choked on a piece of bad apple. I didn't literally mean it but I don't regret saying it, either.

6.) My most recent video, "Shut Up, YouTube" was posted on November 20. It has over 600
hits and climbing. Which is okay with me.

7.) The Christmas video that I made for Lindsey Baum, Kyron Horman and Lisa Irwin, "A Silent Night Of Missing Children" is very serious, but in another way. It is the one that's featured in the holly frame on my blog. Watch it.

8.) I drew the "Spring Bear" drawing and keep it up on my blog for Christina-Taylor Green, the young victim of the shootings in Arizona. I love baseball and she did, too. I believe that her life was cut way too short and so I keep that drawing up as a reminder of what life every age.

I pity you, Stephanie and all that I can say now is that I hope that Lisa Irwin returns, alive. Because, given the chance, I bet that she would keep a better outlook on life than you do.

Just like my friend, who follows my blog, with my blessing, does.


Ankine said...

what a great post don't have to explain yourself to anyone as long as you know who you are and who you support...the people that follow you already know your heart and that is all that matters!

Jennifer Nouri said...

I totally agree. Ruthie, you're one cool woman and one tough cookie. Hope your Holiday Season is bright and warm. Thanks for all you do.