Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Isabelle Zehnder: Taking It To The Truth (1 NEW LINK )



"How would you like Jeremy and Deborah to be your parents? It would be like hovering off the edge of a cliff with a severe case of vertigo and no one to hold onto."--Marc Klaas.

Isabelle Zehnder wrote an excellent article and included comments by Marc Klaas .

Zehnder, who has been following every step of the Baby Lisa Irwin "Kidnapping" story, has been digging deep. A fired-up journalist, she has opened up many subject lines for consideration in the missing baby case.

Isabelle Zehnder welcomes comments and one of her readers posted this message: "I have been told by my friends on Facebook that her (Deborah Bradley) family is trying to have all sites regarding Lisa removed due to the negative remarks and the attacks that they are getting on (those sites). Bradley's family follows (websites that are related to the case) closely."

Well now, doesn't that just burn your Christmas cookies?

My, my.

The Irwin-Bradley extended family can just threaten all they want to. But they're not going to get anywhere.

They can even kick well-meaning, good people off of their front lawn. But they will never stop everyone, from posting their opinions, theories and rumors about the Baby Lisa Irwin case.

And they can sit in their house and try to hide the truth...or hide from it. But the rest of us will keep on looking for it. Just like we will keep on searching for Baby Lisa...each of our own way.

Even...Isabelle Zehnder.

Post Script: This is another story that Isabelle Zehnder posted on 12/05/11, wherein Baby Lisa's aunt, Ashley Irwin, speaks out about the prayer vigils. My response to Ashley Irwin's words? A royal :P "THBZZZttt!"

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