Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I'm sure you all are wondering...

Well, it went down like this:

I got up the next morning and started walking down highway 34...and out of Grumpy Gulch, Nebraska. I had just passed by the place where I'd spent hours hitchhiking the day before. And I wondered just how long I would have to wait by the highway before I would finally get a ride out of that miserable town.

As it turned out...only a moment more.

A man (in the torn coveralls) passed by me and then pulled his big white pickup truck over on the shoulder of the road and stopped. I stood there and stared. I couldn't believe that I was going to get a ride that fast.

But I did.

The guy, who owns his own roofing business, drove me to a nearby town. But that was just the beginning of our adventure.

He also gave me that red, flannel insulated shirt that I'm wearing in the photographs. Then he handed me seven-dollars out of his wallet, a bottle of red Gatorade (believed by many country folk to have true medicinal properties) and a flashlight.

We said our "goodbyes" and he drove away.

I thought that would be the last time that I would see him.

But, about fifteen-minutes later, he rolled his pickup back up to me, again. And he brought his two buddies with him.

We had a great time talking and joking about Grumpy Gulch. The guys filled me in on what is strange, outrageous and stupid in that town. It was a very enlightening conversation, to say the least.

After we drove around looking for roofing material, the guys decided to drop me off on Highway 77, heading north. It was misting and foggy when my friend parked his pickup and we all posed for the photographs.

The driver gave me a twenty-dollar bill before he turned his truck around and we all waved goodbye.

True to their word, they emailed the photos to me. And keeping my promise, I am posting this update about them. They will read this and smile when I say that guns, rural cops and herbish are their own way. Right guys? ;-)

God bless you all...Merry Christmas! I will always remember you.

The guys sent me a message, late last night:

"Ruthie In The Sky...Glad to know you made it to one of your many destinations. We saw your blog and loved it. Keep the love comin'! Come back and visit for a bit. Your presence was well-appreciated."

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