Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I am in far, South Central Minnesota now. And it's been a beautiful day. But I would like to let you know what happened to me...yesterday and today.

It's hard to understand how some cops can be so hateful and others can be good. But I dealt with both types, yesterday.

I hitchhiked out of LeMars, Iowa yesterday. And as I made my way north, the rides dried-up and I ended up stuck just about twenty-miles from the Minnesota State Line.

A local cop drove me to the border and a Minnesota County-Mountie began a relay across three Counties. I ended up at a convenience store, in a little town, about fifteen-miles from where I am now.

I asked the girls in the store (who were very nice and brought me two, heated-up personal pizzas in boxes) to contact the local police department.

The local cop, a useless bully with a badge, showed up and informed that I was not allowed to hitchhike anywhere in Minnesota. He then refused to give me a ride and told me to go to the next town.

We exchanged words and then, for the first time in my life, I said: "I'm done talking to you" and walked away from him...while he was still talking. I just walked away.

I was tired, cold and pissed-off. And I truly did not give a darn what he thought about it, either. I just walked away from him.

I told him...during our "discussion"...

"You think that I won't go walking down that dark road toward the next town?...You don't know me...And you better hope that you don't get a call about a female lying dead on the shoulder of that highway!"

By the time he slowly drove his clown car away...I was walking at a good gate...and I was livid.

One local cop and three deputies had driven me a good ways across two States and now this jerk refused to take me an extra fifteen-miles?

I mean, he had nothing better to do at that point in time but chase me around his piss ant, Podunk town!

I walked through the tiny business district and was heading for the dark highway when two young ladies, in a small red car, stopped. They called out to me and I walked over to them.

"Do you need a ride somewhere?" they asked.

"Yes, I do!" I said and proceeded to explain what the cop had done to me.

They both nodded in response and said the officer's name at the same time.

And as they drove me to the next town, I got an earful about that bad cop. Oh, did I ever!

The ladies drove me to the police station (why not?) and a few minutes later, I was standing in front of yet another police officer.

But this cop was nice. He brought me a lunch, got me a motel room, gave me his business card, drove me to the motel, gave me some information about local resources and then he was gone.

I called a local church this morning and asked them if they could pay for another night at this motel. I know that I will be able to access those local resources that the cop listed...tomorrow...since it will be Monday. The church agreed to pay for the room and then two people from that congregation came over and brought me to their morning service.

Everyone was kind and I felt at peace with God and the world. Then, after the service, a group of older ladies took me with them to a Perkins restaurant, where we had lunch.

Now, I just feel sorry for the cop in that other town. He is obviously a miserable guy who is highly disliked. And it is too bad that he didn't take the time to really talk with me. Perhaps I could have left him with a reason to feel satisfied with the world and his role in it.

Oh and butterfly.

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