Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I got sick the day after Christmas. By that I mean that the annoying cold that I had suddenly developed into something far more serious. And I found out exactly what that something was: Acute Bronchitis.

Years ago, when I was in my early teens, I developed a lung infection that nearly killed me. After that experience (and about ten days in the hospital) I was convinced that I had earned a lifelong immunity to respiratory diseases.

I was wrong.

After experiencing a shortness of breath, I ended up in the ER at a local hospital. Now, I am aware that when one goes to a hospital, it's not about putting things in. It's all about taking things blood, bodily fluids or, in my case, half of my nasal cavity.

Or so it seemed.

For some mysterious reason, once the doctor found out that I was very congested in my lungs...he went straight to my nose.

And, after watching me barely flinch for the phlebotomist, Doc decided to run a wire up one side of my nose and back down the other nostril. This was to provide the lab with a culture that they could analyze.

Never mind my deep, crud-filled and hacking cough.

Unfortunately, I was gripped, suddenly, by an unavoidable urge to sneeze. And, if not for the quick action of my physician...the simple wire up my nose could have turned into a skewer into my brain.

Now I am taking regular doses of cold medication, Vitamin C, Zinc and chicken soup. My body is still fighting back against this illness but I am slowly getting better.

I am in a hotel in far, South Eastern Iowa today. They are going to have a party, here, tonight. And the front desk lady has informed me that Bob, from the infamous "Bob And Tom" radio show , is going to appear. Yeehaw. I am invited. But I won't go.

The desk lady also told me that for fifteen-bucks I will be able to listen to Bob talk. And for twenty-dollars, I will be able to add a glass of champagne to the "excitement."

Cash only. No credit cards accepted.

I'm going to pass on it. I can turn on my Walkman or go to their website and listen to BOTH of those hayseed goofballs for free...any time that I want to.

I will avoid the crowd and the booze and do my body a favor. My body deserves a favor. I don't want to circulate around a group of people while I am still dealing with Bronchitis. And the medication that I am taking to treat the Bronchitis won't allow me to drink alcohol.

So I am going to stay inside my nice, luxury room, watch the ball drop (twice, since I am in the Central time zone) and ring in the New Year with an ice cold can of Diet Dew.


Anonymous said...

Goodness Ruthie!! Thank the good Lord your sneeze didn't go wrong! I am truly so sorry you've been so sick and am praying for a quick and complete recovery, girl. Always looking forward to your postings and updates, I was pretty darned worried about ya! You have no idea how much I look forward to 'traveling along with you' ... vicariously, via your blog. I love the way you think and if my own health was intact, I'd throw caution to the wind and get my own hind end out on the road, for at least a few weeks.

Happy New Year, Ruthie!!

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Thank you, Anonymous and Happy New Year to YOU, too. It's been something different to ramble around conservative, Old MacDonald Swears On His Barn, Iowa.

And I plan to write more about this State, in this new week.

Hoist a healthy one for me. ;^D

Amanda Boots said...

Ruthie i hope you get better! I also hope you have a wonderful new Years despite the awful bronchitis! As for me I am at home with the kiddostalon my 10 month old ispounding on the toys! And Timmy my 3 year old is watching Spongebob movie. My other 3 children Trent and Tiara are athe their dads and Tavin is at his grandma and grandpas this weekend but I am trying to enjoy this weekend the best i can my husband is across the street hanging with my nephew and my nephews girlfriend of course drinking since i dont drink ( i tried my grandmas brew of her wine and its good but i just dont have a taste for alcohol anymore. But other than that we all are alright. Anyways I pray for you a safe year and always will be an angel to me to tell me bout life and all from God thanks Ruthie for being my friend and in my life one of the best days of my life was stopping the lady on the side of the road in Sherburn MN in the middle of cold winter! There is always a reason for the good in some people gOD SENDS THEM OUR WAY WHEN WE REALLY NEED THEM :)God Bless your kind adventerous heart your heart is pure gold:)

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Oh wonderful soul. Thank you for your sweet words. You will always be the real reason that I ended up in Minnesota. :) Happy New Year you special beyond special lady! Mwah! Hugz!