Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ruthie Is Returning To The Road

I am going back on the road soon. And as I travel, I will post updates, just like I always do during the Summer months.

I will try to post updates at least once or twice per week.

Which direction am I going?


Thursday, April 28, 2011

After The Storms: Who Will Take The Lead?

CNN: Survivor Stories

ABC News: 300 Dead After Tornadoes

Reuters News: This May Be Worst Tornado Season, Ever

["This could turn out to be one of the worst years for severe weather and tornadoes in history," said Dan Kottlowski, expert senior meteorologist for]

President Obama is going to survey the devastation tomorrow in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Not Donald Trump.

It was all so easy for Donald Trump to waltz around New Hampshire, yesterday, ranting on and on about our president's birth certificate. And he criticized the job that President Obama is doing.

But it is going to be President Obama, himself, who is going to stand amidst the rubble tomorrow and deal with that situation. He's been doing his job all along...but tomorrow, he's going to have to do more.

In all of the States, that were hit by tornadoes and severe storms yesterday and last doesn't matter what Donald Trump did. It doesn't matter at all.

When people have too much time on their hands, they sometimes get complacent. They don't think about mass deaths and miles of total destruction. The Donald didn't think about it, did he?

Which is why I posted yesterday,(BEFORE the major storms hit) that Donald Trump would be wise to just shut the hell up and get ready to put his money, and motion, where his mouth is.

I wrote that I doubted that Trump would ever be found, "standing between a crushed garage, an overturned car and a demolished house, with a plan of action in his head and a hammer in his hand."

Well, WHERE IS HE NOW? He's not "leading a parade of volunteers" in one of the storm-torn areas in the United States. Nope.

YET, despite the "silliness" that went on yesterday, GUESS WHO is going to BE IN ALABAMA, tomorrow?

Our president. And I don't believe that anyone there that he meets will give a hoot one way or another about that man's freaking birth certificate!!!

We have a major National emergency on our hands now. It will have a ripple-effect that will impact many people in this Country. And nobody, involved, is going to have any time, whatsoever, to think about where President Obama was born!!!

We are all going to have to pull together as a team. There will be no sense in pulling apart at a time like this.

We have barely rolled into the storm season...and we're facing a huge disaster, already. So, instead of worrying about birth certificates, I think we better all focus on how we can help our brothers and sister in need.

And those of us who have not yet been affected by storms, flooding, wildfires or earthquakes, should make a plan. It's not melodramatic's good, common sense.

Let that fool, that shallow, superficial and selfish man, fly away somewhere in his fancy helicopter. God will deal with Donald Trump's karma.

While President Barack Obama, and the rest of us, take care of the really important business in our Country.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Paper THIS, Trump!

I'd slap the arrogance off that man's face, but considering who I am referring to, it really wouldn't be worth the swing. So I'm going to deliver a written slap to his face, instead.

I tried posting my comment (among thousands of others) on the Washington Post website. But the site is so (understandably) bogged-down right now that it just isn't possible.

Who am I so ticked-off at?

Donald Asshole Trump. And anybody who is stupid enough to agree with his actions.
64 Killed By Tornadoes Today
Mayor of Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Tornado Damage "Catastrophic"
The Storms Continue

Donald Trump didn't roll up the sleeves on his crisp, clean shirt today and lead a parade of volunteers into the devastation in Arkansas. Or Missouri. Nope.

And I bet you won't see his fancy, private helicopter anywhere near the devastation in Alabama!

He didn't figure out a solution to the rising gas prices, or medical insurance or the many other increasingly serious situations evolving in this Country.

No, Donald Trump strutted around small-town New Hampshire and bragged about a piece of paper.

You know, I would expect that type of asinine behavior out of Charlie Sheen (actually, it appears that Sheen is on President Obama's side). Donald Trump should know better.

But then, Trump has never managed to keep a marriage intact for a significant amount of time.

He has never stood between a crushed garage, an upside down car and some one's ruined house, with a rebuilding plan in his head and a hammer in his hand.

He has never stood by a gas pump, staring into his worn leather wallet, while his two kids sat in the truck and wondered how he was going to make ends meet.

Donald Trump has never read the writing on the reality wall when one of his kids got sick and the related bills led him to a local food pantry.

The truth is, Donald Trump has never walked in the shoes of the average American.

And he wants to help lead this Country?

Hell, no.

Trump not only has no relationship, whatsoever, with all of the commoners who exist far below his magnificent tower. But he also has no concept of what it takes to develop and protect the best interests of the United States of America.

Would YOU put our national security in the hands of Donald Trump?

Barack Obama is up to his presidential shoulders in national concerns right now. And despite everything, I believe that he is truly doing the best that he can.

He has never claimed that he has all of the answers and I believe that he would probably welcome sage wisdom from anyone who offered it, at this point. What is The Donald offering HIM?

Every single one of the adults in this Country is either part of the problem or part of the solution. We all have a responsibility here. And one of our duties is to support our president.

Unless the man is an inept, bigoted, biased, unethical, insensitive blowhard like Donald Trump, we should support our leader. President Barack Obama is our Commander-In-Chief and I believe that he considers over 200 million people when he makes every decision, every day.

What the hell has Donald Trump done?

Granted, The Donald has a great deal of money. But what is a million-dollars worth of foolish thinking next to a penny's worth of real wisdom from the heart?

So President Obama has an official paper document. After witnessing Donald Trump's behavior over the past few days, it's obvious to me that Trump's soul isn't made of much more than Barack's document is.

I challenge Donald Trump to shut up and put some motion where his money is. Not in the boardroom, not in front of the cameras and not in a tailored suit...but with the sweat from his brow.

Let our president do his job and let's see Donald HIS. After all, who is the real phony between the two of them?

Yeah, and I don't need a piece of paper to prove that.

All that money and who is Trump really helping?

Two Real American Heroes

There is something amazing that is built into some people that leads them to do phenomenal things. Two of those people are Mark Kelly, commander of the space shuttle, Endeavor and his wife, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who survived a near-fatal shooting earlier this year.

That *special something* that exists within those two people now shines as an example to the rest of the world.

Charlie Sheen brags on and on about his "tiger blood" and "Adonis DNA"...but in reality his make-up couldn't hold a flame's flicker to Mark and Gabrielle's blazing light.

Donald Trump runs HIS mouth about his wealth, prestige and all of his oh-so-important connections. But when it comes to leading by example, Trump will never become the role-model that Mark and Gabrielle are.

Mark and Gabrielle are devoted to each other. They made a promise when they got married and they're keeping it. They are good parents to their children and care very much about the well-being of the citizens of this Country.

They are both dedicated to their goals. And that is why Congresswoman Giffords reached out to her constituents on January 8th. And even though a demented shooter put a bullet through her brain, Gabrielle didn't give up. She survived that attack, in part, because she fights for what she believes in. Now she is going to watch her husband , Mark Kelly, blast-off into space. She is behind his work in the space mission 100%.

Mark Kelly is going to leave his wife, children and the very earth that he stands on, behind and fulfill his obligation in space. He is a heroic adventurer. And the world will be a better place for it.

I am very happy that, despite what happened on that fateful day, Congresswoman Giffords and Mark Kelly are united and moving forward. May God bless both of them.

Arizona should be proud.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Into The Great Wide Open

I have a question for all of you: What do you think we ought to plug it up with?

If you have a good idea, send it to me.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sheen: Sometimes Silence Is A Better Option

Charlie Sheen Agrees With A Stupid Statement

Sometimes Charlie Sheen's mouth leaves his brain in the dust. That's obviously what happened in Florida.

Way to go, Charlie, you dumb ass.

Just yesterday, I had a heart-to-heart conversation with a very cool lady that I know here in Bozeman. Her mother is dying of cancer...there will be no reversal. Her disease is terminal.

This is a very rough time for both of them.

I understand your being angry at someone who slighted you, Charlie. But there is no excuse for what you said.

You're tempting instant karma, Sheen. And it may not swing your way.

I suggest that you check yourself.

Otherwise, Charlie, you're going to end up walking right into the deep end of the river called "Regret."

And the payback current might just drown you there.

Tying My Time In A Bozeman Bow

I got quite a comment today, from a woman who reacted to THIS POST.

This is what she wrote:

"I commend you for your "obsession" and drive to bringing forth these cases. If people didn't have obsession and drive then no child would ever make it home. My child was kidnapped at 2 1/2 by my ex-partner for a year. I am a lucky one, after a year of hell I was able to hold my baby in my arms again. For some that will never happen, but with people like you it gives some the chance to."

I thought back about that hateful "reporter" and what SHE wrote about me last Christmas.

And I realize now that I couldn't have done anything that I have if I had stayed on the road over the winter. Nope.

Stability and remaining in one place gave me the ability to do the work that I've done.

That stupid "shit-for-brains" writer never considered what I would give to others during my time here in Bozeman, Montana. I have been a helper in my own way and that's a good thing. I listened and learned and used my creative talents (especially writing) to spread the word about six missing children: Sabrina Allen, Lindsey Baum, The Skelton Brothers, and, of course, Kyron Horman.

Four months later, I am looking forward to the Summer and all of the possibilities that it holds...for me...and for those six beautiful children.

I may be unconventional, but I care...and that is what existence is all about.

The Eternal Donald Trump Disconnection

CNN:Jerry Seinfeld Turns Trump Off

L.A. Times: Robert De Niro and Charlie Sheen Follow Suit

It's not like I really give a damn what any big name celebrity thinks about Donald Trump. I just believe that The Donald has no business in the Oval office. Unless, of course, he is visiting the President of the United States.

Yeah, Donald Trump is as qualified to be Commander-In-Chief of our Country as Krusty the Klown.

Seriously, people.

I would like to see President Obama's birth certificate, too. But whatever that particular piece of paper declares has no inherent bearing on Barack's ability to lead.

What the current president does has nothing to do with his citizenship status. It has everything to do with who he is as a human being.

And Donald Trump, with the bad hairpiece (or whatever the hell that is on his head), the big mouth and bad marriage track record...needs to stick to Vegas and reality shows.

So saith I.

And who am I to say anything about this subject?

That is precisely my point.

It's obvious that The Donald has no concept of daily living among the masses. That's why he mainly caters to other celebrities in his "Apprentice" shows.

When he gets up in the morning, he doesn't have to worry about whether he's going to have enough gas in his car to last the week. He doesn't have to figure-out how he's going to do the laundry and still get that extra jug of milk for the kids.

Because, the truth is: Donald Trump sits in one of his lofty towers and remains disconnected from every average Jane and Joe in America. He will never, ever represent me. He doesn't have the faintest idea how. And THAT, my good readers, is the bottom line about Mr. Donald Deep Pockets.


A Seattle Times: PERFECT RESPONSE to Donald Trump's allegation.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

ANYONE Might Hear Kyron's Call

We need a new button, one that rejoices with these words: Kyron Horman Is Home!

I'm well aware that there is a contingent of people out there right now that are still looking for that boy. And I know that some of them are beginning to backtrack and restart their search journey...and they are now taking it into a different direction.

Yeah, "Two roads", "yellow wood", Robert Frost and all of that.

What I see every day now is a roster of seekers and what they're finding as they walk down new roads.

And that brings up the subject of psychics. My overall opinion of them hasn't changed. The psychics that I've attempted to interact with have turned-out to be R.F.W.: Really Freaking Weird!

I mean, to the point where I can't even have a halfway beneficial discussion with them, online.

However, I do believe in fate and I am convinced that God can and does do whatever He wants to...through anyone that He any given time.

So when a person receives a revelation from out of the cosmos, for no logical reason, does that mean that person is a psychic?

I don't think so.

I think it's closer to being an act of God's grace...sent down with a particular a sort of Divine favor.

I tried to communicate with a group of people, via a so-called psychic website, the other day and got nowhere.

In fact, I believe that Terri Horman may have a hand in those particular forums. Therefor, I wouldn't waste a worm-eaten green apple on that conversation.

Do I believe that there is a voice crying out for justice...caught between the strong will to convey the truth...and the crossed-wire confusion in a particular person's psyche?


The message is going out...again and again...but the right person is not getting it. The problem is not so much with the transmitter but with the receiver.

There is an alpha and an omega...a beginning and an end.

At this time of is vitally important to open yourself up to something a bit beyond the middle. For Kyron's sake. And your own.

Have a happy Easter. Don't forget to light a candle for Kyron and keep your heart's ear to that mystical message rail. Because...Kyron's calling.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Where's Kyron...Terri And James?

I've been getting some interesting hits on my tracker and they're all zeroing in on the same person, Terri Moulton Horman's son, James.

It appears that some people are beginning to wonder if James Moulton had something to do with Kyron Horman's disappearance. I'm not ruling out that possibility.

But then, some really odd things happen in Troutdale, Oregon...don't they?

Like stopping for hitchhikers...yeah, stuff like that.

I did some more reading about Terri, today. She wanted to be a full-time teacher.

Yeah, like she wanted to be a first-class bodybuilder.

But she never quite caught the brass ring to either goal. Nope.

Instead she waited for Kyron to come home from school, so she could see what color card he had in his hand.

Terri, the black dirt bitch, couldn't reach her own lofty expectations so she took her frustration out on Kyron...a then seven-year-young kid.

And when she couldn't take it any more, she decided to get Kyron out of the way. Now, people are wondering if Terri's son, James, helped her do it.

It wouldn't surprise me.

The truth is going to come out...meanwhile, "teacher"...leave them kids alone. And that includes little Kiara...if you don't bring Kyron don't deserve to ever see her again.

Yeah, keep James. He's almost grown, anyway. And, thanks to your "lessons", maybe he forgot the value of his cool little stepbrother, Kyron. Just like you did, hmmm...Terri?

Can you hear the phone ringing at the end of the song?

What do you and James think will happen when you answer that call?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Grampa Sheen: All Ball-ed Out

Grampa Sheen took batting practice today in Atlanta, Georgia.

And he wore his witto bitty arm out. Awwww!

Actually, I think it was really cool of him to go out there and whack a few with the guys. It sure beats what happened to him when he partied till he popped.

Yeah, he just wanted to prove that he can still hit the ball.


It's just your body that will smack you back.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Private Message:

C., Oregon. I have received it. Is this what I think it is?

New NTAS Site And Widget

It's about time.

Go HERE to learn more about the new National Terrorism Advisory System.

It's what we should have had even BEFORE 9/11.

I have checked out the NTAS (pronounced "EN-tas") website and it looks like the Department Of Homeland Security has finally got its act together.

I have added the widget to my blog and I think that it is important for you to do the same thing. Go to the site to check out how NTAS alerts will work with Facebook and Twitter, too.

This system (as long as they don't all end up like the air-traffic controllers, yikes!) should do a great deal to inform and organize citizens in this country, in the event of a major, National threat.

If you have a blog or website, go ahead and put the widget on it, somewhere. Think of it as a companion to your AMBER alert ticker, something that isn't always used but is very important, nevertheless.

Remember, old Harold whats-his-name is still swearing that the sky will start falling next month, on May 21.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Time Of Rebirth And A Time To Return

The Legal Rock Rolls On

If only Kaine Horman, Desiree Young and Tony Young could return back to a past Easter and rearrange the future. If only they could tap some magic, ruby slippers together three times and bring Kyron Horman home.

[In Photo, Left To Right): Kyron Horman (now missing), (Dad) Kaine Horman and (Kyron's sister) Kiara Horman.

Green shoots are pushing out of the potting soil in my room. Chocolate bunnies are in secret discussions with the marshmallow peeps on retail shelves. And baseball is once again being broadcast on everything from the Internet to Sirius/XM radio.

I love this time of year. It gives me the golden opportunity to pick on the worst broadcaster in baseball: Dan Gladden. What Charlie Sheen is to stand-up (or in Charlie's case, sit down) comedy...the Dazzling Disaster is to baseball play-by-play.

Gladden knows baseball but he still doesn't know how to bring it around to his listeners via the radio. But the Minnesota Twins are going to continue to use him, anyway.

Yeah, I like Spring. *Smirk*

What I don't like is...what is NOT going on in the Kyron Horman missing child case.

In the photographs, I see a little boy with a big smile who is so very much in love with life. He likes sports, sushi, art and all of the good things that this world has to offer.

And this Sunday, I want him to come home. I am sure that many families will hug their own children and count their blessings on Easter morning.

But what will Desiree and Tony Young do?

[Photo: Desiree Young]

[Photo: Tony Young]

And what, oh what, will Kaine and little Kiara Horman do?

[Photo: Kaine Horman]

It is the beginning of a new season. The time of rebirth. And at this time of year, everyone deserves a second chance. Even an eight-year-young boy named Kyron.

[Photo: Kyron Horman's desk at the last place he was seen--Skyline Elementary School in Portland, Oregon]

For more information on the above-mentioned Easter event, check HERE .

Charlie Sheen: Kicked In Court

What happens in Vegas, stays in you think that maybe we'll all get lucky and Charlie will go to "Sin City" and just never leave?

Washington Post: Charlie's Bad Reception In DC

Hollywood Reporter: Catcalls, Walkouts In DC

Business Insider: One Camera/No Kids

Reuters: Charlie Can't Take The Kids

Well, geez, Charlie, what did you expect?

You have this stupid idea in your head that you're going to take those two little boys on the road with you?!!

Oh, hell no!

And as far as the Warner/Lorre/Give Everyone Their Rightful Money/Case goes:

Big Deal, so now there's going to be one camera in the courtroom.

You know what, Charlie?

For a freaking "epic warlock from Mars" sure have made a mess out of things.

Monday, April 18, 2011

So This Ain't Nothin' ?

Washington Post: Jaw-Dropping Photo Gallery--Check This Out!

NECN Storm Coverage (Video)

Washington Post Coverage (And Videos)

It didn't matter what anyone wore, or ate, or said, or did. It didn't differentiate on the basis of religion, or income, or social circle, or political stance. It didn't matter what vehicle anybody drove, or the type of house that anybody lived in.

When the tornadoes formed and chose a path...nothing mattered except hunkering down for dear life or getting the hell out of the way.

Between earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, wildfires, baseball-sized hail and tornadoes...Mother Nature is kicking our ass this year and I don't think that she's done, yet!

Big talk from small people like Charlie Sheen...fades in the roar of Mother Nature's fury. Shoot, even "The Donald" would be totally helpless, if he was caught on the side of a highway and in the path of an EF-4 tornado.

I could just see him, standing in the grass, shaking his fist at the swirling, oncoming juggernaut and shouting, "You turn around! I order it! I am rich and powerful and you're fired!"

Then, twenty-seconds later, old Mr. MoneyBags would suddenly be swept-up and air-mailed through the roof of somebody's house.

We are all just fluff balls when it comes right down to it. Mother Nature holds the karma. Not us.

This year, she is doing one horrible job of making that point clear.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Comfy, Charlie?

New York Magazine: Two-and-a-half-Begs

Toronto Sun: What Canada Learned About Charlie

The Washington Times Calls Grampa Sheen, "Mister"

Scripts get old, people age, too...something new comes give it up, Charlie. You're not getting your role back on that wrung-out forget it.

Go on with your oddball "Tinker-Toy Tour", instead and just enjoy yourself...after all, you're padding down a predictable path. You've shifted gears and what began as a "!Tiger Blood! *Wild Thing* Extravaganza" has now diminished to a "Comfy Chair Coffee Chat With Charlie."

Now isn't that nice?

But that bipolar parade bit is going to get boring, fast.

So come up with something astounding, real quick, you Wanker Warlock, or I'm gonna change the channel. And I doubt that I'll do that alone.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Charlie Sheen: Polarized?

Charlie Sheen lifted his hands above the masses in Toronto and declared that he doesn't know what bipolar really means. But he led a walk through part of
Toronto on behalf of a Canadian organization that works with people who suffer from the disorder.

So, let's get a straight definition of the condition known as bipolar:HERE

Now, either Charlie was staging a very strange publicity stunt, he knows someone who is suffering from the disorder (and it matters to him) or he is afflicted with the disorder, himself.

I'm betting it's option number three.

Bipolar disorder, in any of its manifestations, is a physiological malfunction that affects a person's psychological behavior. In other words, it's a physical disease, of sorts, that makes a person's emotional reactions flat line or run right off the scale.

Bipolar disorder can affect a person at any stage of life. And that makes me wonder if Charlie has been diagnosed with the illness.

If he has, that would explain a lot of things that he's done and said in the past few years. A mental illness like that, coupled with booze, chemical drugs and a bad choice of spouse, will wreak havoc in anyone's life. And bipolar disorder may be the really bad monkey that's growing larger on Charlie's shoulder, right now.

I saw all of the photographs from the walk...including the knit hat that Charlie wore that declared: "I'm Not Bipolar."

Well, if you aren't bipolar, Charlie, then you've got some explaining to do. I wonder if you are afraid of everyone else, Kami Tora, or more afraid of yourself.

Charlie Sheen: No Smokin', Eh?

Hollywood Reporter: Charlie Acts His Age, For Once

Colorado Springs Gazette: The Only Ashes Were In The Urn

Oh my gosh, Charlie Sheen actually did something sensible, for a change: He smoked electronic cigarettes and not the real thing, while onstage in Toronto last night. Smart move, Sheen.

I posted yesterday that I was wondering if the quasi-witless warlock would attempt to challenge the Canadian Government and it's strict, no smoking law. Apparently, he didn't. That was a wise decision, considering the fact that he was onstage (where no one is allowed to smoke) in a foreign Country. Albeit, it's Canada, but just ask the RCMP...they can get hostile if they want to.

Every time that I've been in that Country, I have behaved myself and have found that it has always worked to my advantage. I have been in Canada on numerous occasions, including one magnificent trip where I hitchhiked from New Brunswick all the way across to British Columbia and then on up to White Horse, in the Yukon Territory.

My paternal grandparents migrated down from that Country and some of my distant relatives still live in Canada.

Canadians are wonderful people, as long as you don't cross them. If you do, they'll likely turn you into moose meat, or feed you to a grizzly...either one.

It appears that Charlie managed to provide the audience a half-way decent show in Toronto. At the same time, however, the production didn't win any awards. NBC Miami: Grampa Sheen Is Losing Steam

And I'm sure that the Canadian Government will be more than #WILLING to send Charlie and his entourage back to the US side of the border as soon as possible.

Oh, and one more thing: From the "What The Hell Is This?" Department:

According to the Toronto Sun, Charlie wants to take a walk in Toronto to "raise awareness" about bipolar disorder.

Ooookay. Never mind Catherine Zeta-Jones, people...I wonder if Crazy Charlie is trying to tell us something?

ABC News: Canadian Bipolar Walk With Charlie?

Hey, I won't care if Charlie Sheen is diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I'm more concerned about his chain-smoking habit than I am with wherever his head is at, most of the time.

Brandon Sun (Canada): Why Canada, Charlie?

If he wants to trot through Toronto and raise awareness/money for a worthwhile organization, I say, more power to him. It beats tearing a hotel room to bits.

But, what about THIS?: E Online: Two And A Half Truths...Er...Lies...Er?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Charlie In Canada: A Smoke Or A Joke?

Vancouver Sun (Canada): "No Smokin' Here, Eh?"

Charlie is going to appear at Massey Hall, in Toronto, Ontario Canada, tonight. And while he isn't the worst thing that's ever crossed the northern border...he's not the best export, either.

Canadians are big smokers. I know, I've spent quite a bit of time in several Provinces, up there.

Nevertheless, the Canadian Powers-That-Be could, if they wanted to, take a tough stance on the issue tonight. If they don't want Charlie to smoke, onstage...well...what will Charlie do?

It will be interesting to see if Charlie deals with the regulation like an adult or just lights one up at tonight's show, anyway.

Well, if you take a puff and the locals get rough, can always wheeze all the way over to the American Consulate. If you do...I'll start smiling.

Because I know from past experience...that's where your REAL fun will begin.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Update: Crazy Charlie Feld

Update: Charlie Feld/ One Year Later

The most famous Charlie in the United States right now is, of course, Charlie Sheen. And he, in my straight-shot opinion, is nuts enough for everyone. But what some of you may not know, is the story about another guy with the same name: Charles Eugene Feld aka "Crazy Charlie."

Here Is The Original Story

Last year, after I finally got away from the guy, Crazy Charlie Feld went totally bonkers and wreaked havoc on Guemes Island, near the town of Anacortes, in Washington State.

Charlie Feld had a great set-up there on the Island. But in the end, it just wasn't enough for him. And now, he's locked up in Western State Hospital, like a blithering idiot, instead of raising rabbits at his house.

Holy Cuckoo's Nest, Charlie...ya'all have fun now.

Not Good, Not Bad...Just Charlie

USA Today: Charlie In Boston: YAWN

Meanwhile, in other news...

I started it. Yes, I did.

On March 15 of this year, I compared Charlie Sheen to P.T. Barnum. I posted that "Charlie Sheen is a P.T. Barnum in circus full of trash talk." Then I continued the Barnum reference in many comments that I left at various media websites.

Well, guess what?

The comparison is beginning to stick.

I've noticed the P.T. Barnum reference popping-up in forums and in media stories about Charlie, including This One by Business Wire .

And, I will add, that the Business Wire article is not nice with the numbers when it comes to Charlie's popularity ratings.

But then, what should anyone expect at this point?

It isn't Charlie Sheen's show, anymore. He's not bringing anything new to his venue. Charlie is no longer outrageous or controversial...he's just predictable.

Charlie isn't the new kid in town, anymore. He's just another hanger on the celebrity rack. He's fading. And that's not good and it isn't bad, either.

It's. Just. Blah.

In fact, if it wasn't for his surprise guests, Charlie would probably end up putting his audience to sleep.

I think that people expected something amazing to come from all of this...and it hasn't.

But, underneath all of the bullshit, Charlie is really just a human being. He will never, actually turn into a tiger or a wizard or something that the world has never seen before. That is just not going to happen.

No, he'll just be another guy on the roster until the day that he checks-out. A reflection of the most basic truth...that no torpedo on Earth will ever blow away.

Charlie Rooting For Red Sox, Wearing Yankees Hat?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

HELLO, BOSTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's Really Worth Repeating?

I read that Charlie Sheen killed one of his dogs. I don't know, I wasn't there when the allegedly starved pug went paws-up in his ex-wife's arms.

But I do know that it takes a real asshole to get so stoned that he forgets to feed his own dog.

And if the story is true, then Charlie better start looking over his shoulder because he's bought himself some really bad karma.

The tiger will end-up drinking Charlie's blood, not the other way around.

The Blabber-Mouthing Butthead will step onto the stage in Boston, Mass. tonight. According to the Boston Herald, some of Sheen's once high-priced tickets are now being given away for eighteen bucks, apiece.


Is that a dog that I hear barking in the distance?

Of course, it's possible that his ex lied and Charlie didn't have anything to do with the death of his pup.

But I think that even TMZ ran a story about it.

So, what IS the TRUTH, Charlie?

Kaine Horman is going to be at a huge flea market/garage sale and also at a kidfest this weekend in Oregon. He's going to continue to spread the word about his missing son, Kyron.

I think that is exactly what he should do. It gives him one more chance to confront the person who really knows where Kyron is.

Now that would be something, wouldn't it?

I can just see it in my mind: Kaine, standing by a table covered with arm bands, fliers, keychains and t-shirts that bear his young son's face. And then he feels a cold vibe, looks up and locks eyes with a horrible personification of evil.

If that happens, what will Kaine do?

I read a string of asinine comments this morning that accompanied the article about Kaine's upcoming efforts on his son's behalf. The words littered the reader reaction section of the Oregonlive (Oregonian newspaper) website.

Someone claimed that the F.B.I. (Otherwise known as: "Don't Ever Get On Our List!") has "ordered Kaine and Desiree to shut-up about Terri."


Terri Moulton Horman (for those of you who might not know) is the person that many (myself, included) people believe made her stepson, Kyron Horman, vanish last June. He is the cute kid with the glasses that is featured here on my blog.

So why would a person or persons declare that Kaine Horman (Kyron's
bio-Dad) and Desiree Young (Kyron's bio-mom, who was once married to Kaine and is now married to Kyron's step-Dad, Medford, Oregon police detective Tony Young) have been officially told to stop talking about (evil stepmother and Kaine Horman's soon-to-be-totally-ex-wife) Terri Moulton Horman?

Because some people just can't seem to differentiate between a lie and the truth.

And that is the point of this post: Identifying, Accepting and Sticking To the Truth.

I don't know if Charlie Sheen was really so stoned that he forgot to feed and ultimately killed his dog. I don't know if Terri Moulton Horman acted alone (I actually think that she had some help) on the day that Kyron disappeared. And I don't know if (But I doubt it) the F.B.I. told Kaine Horman and Desiree Young to press their individual mute buttons.

But in each of the above situations...TRUTH EXISTS.

I think that it's about time that truth is respected and revealed for what it's worth. And people should seriously consider what they write and say, before their words are released. Because in the final analysis, a lie isn't worth much of anything...and only the truth is really worth repeating.

Isn't it?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Charlie Sheen: Better In The Big Apple

Charlie Sheen pulls out a wad of cash, while on-stage, at Radio City Music Hall, NYC-April 10, 2011

Daily Mail (UK): Charlie Does Radio City Right
TMZ: A Cool 180
Hollywood Reporter: With A Little Help From His Friends

Charlie Sheen left his idiot pills behind this time. As a result, he was actually, according to the media, entertaining at his second gig in New York City, last night.

Will this new found brilliance continue or will Grampa Charlie get another short in his cranial night-light again?

We shall see.

Charlie proved that he's not above Daily Mail (UK): Buying His Audience's Love.

Which may or may not save the rest of his tour dates.

A Perfect Song For This Stage Of The Game:

And as far as the tattoo offer goes:

Why don't you tattoo "These cheeks match my face"...on YOUR butt and show THAT off on the big screen at your next gig. That will do just fine, thank you.


Your Choice About Charlie

I have a suggestion for everyone who has either purchased tickets already or is planning to buy one to see Charlie Sheen: DON'T GO TO HIS SHOW. That idiot now has more BOO'S! under his belt than Casper the ghost!

The next tour stops are:
10 April, 2011 Radio City Music Hall New York NY US
12 April, 2011 Agganis Arena Boston MA US
14 April, 2011 Massey Hall Toronto ON CA
16 April, 2011 Trump Taj Mahal - Marc G Etess Arena Atlantic City NJ US
19 April, 2011 DAR Consitution Hall Washington DC US

Of course, there are many tour dates scheduled after these stops. But these are the next five on the list.

Charlie is actually going to go back to Radio City Music a dog returning to its own vomit...and try again. Then he's going to go up to Boston where he'll either be truly funny (which I believe is impossible) or he'll end up buried somewhere in the far reaches of the Common.

He's supposed to follow that fiasco with a date in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Although, at this point, I'm not so sure that the Canadian Government is going to let Charlie in, anymore.

Then Charlie's going to play a gig in New Jersey where he'll probably get beat-up by Snooki and top-off his Northeastern Nonsense in our Nation's capitol.

I really believe that the remedy for Charlie's ridiculous escapade can be resolved one of three ways:

1.) Attend the show and enjoy yourself by either liking what Charlie does or by booing your lungs out.

2.) Tear-up your ticket to his lost cause and don't walk into his "Tinker-Toy-Torpedo-Tank."

3.) Don't waste your money on a ticket and don't show up at his venue, either.

I think Charlie will flat line if he's really ignored.

Just imagine: The WingNut Wacko walks out onto the stage to...(crickets)...
He sits down in his chair (Grampa Charlie always has to have his chair, doesn't he?) and stares in shock at row-after-row of empty seats.

I am requesting that "The Donald" pay any community that totally boycotts Charlie's Even though Charlie and his entourage are going to be staying at the Trump Taj Mahal when they arrive in New Jersey. And I believe that any community that manages to pull that off should also repay every ticket-holder, in that particular community, out of that million-dollars. I mean, come on...we all know that Charlie's not going to do it! He's a deal-breaker (Duh! Detroit, New York City) and he wouldn't repay Betty White, much less anybody else.

So, think hard about this before you make your choice. Because, right now, Charlie Sheen's so-called, "Winning! Talent" isn't really worth a Baseball Bobble head, or a
Boston Bingo Card

Private Message

Private Message:
Vancouver...who says that she deserves the beer?
Please respond. Thank you.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Charlie Sheen: Nothing In New York

["Charlie Sheen is a #Senile old man who drinks #Geritol and calls it tiger blood, rants about the wives who left him, and #bitches at everyone. He has #shriveled up old man hands that he says breathe fire."--A comment posted today on the TMZ website.]

Hollywood Reporter: Torpedo Tour: DOA In NYC

ABC News: The Train Derails Again

TV Guide: Don't Put THIS On The Late Show

Ticket Prices Are Falling

Ummm...the language in the Gothamist is so bad (not to mention the video) that I have decided not to include it here. Suffice it to say that the audience in New York City was not real thrilled with Charlie Sheen last night.

I am not surprised.

Are you?

Entertainment Weekly: Big Apple A Lost Cause?
CNN: Charlie Sheen: Owned To The Bone
Daily Mail (UK): A Bad Review From The Brits

Friday, April 08, 2011


The video that I'm featuring here is a studio take that was recorded during the production of the song, "Beautiful Boy." And the great thing about this fantastic offering, from mamadurs, on YouTube, is that it takes us up-close-and-personal with the late John Lennon.

Why am I including this video with this post?

Because I can.

And before you think I am giving you a smart ass answer, allow me to explain what I mean by that.

I have just recently returned to YouTube. I have no videos of my own and I've never paid much attention to the Tube. Now I am.

And in doing so, I have come across a creeping, growing cancer: Copyright.

Some vocalists and bands perform without limits across the video network. And some people are suddenly finding their homemade videos missing the accompanying audio. That is because the "copyright cops" are yanking the sound right out of those videos.

:P THBZZzzzt!!

It's amazing to me how the band, Eagles, seems to have decided that their song, "The Last Resort", will never have a permanent place on YouTube. Every time that someone posts it, the audio gets pulled.

And that practice is not limited to Eagles or to that particular song. I am disgusted with the obvious greed that is behind that action.

I mean...really.

The music that I am referring to is not tied to new singers or musicians who are just getting their footing in the industry. Nope. The music is linked to the veterans who have been around and raked in money from these songs for years.

While the veteran performers are aging, a whole new generation is coming up and they want to hear the older music, too. What is familiar to many of us in the older generation is brand new to the kids. I read young people's comments about classic rock songs, on YouTube, all of the time now.

Many of the young listeners are in a constant stage of discovery and most of them post the same thing: They prefer the older tunes to the majority of the new stuff.

I'm serious. Since I have returned to YouTube, I have begun to see a pattern there.

Charlie Sheen, who is in New York City right now, is trying to put his personal stamp of ownership on words like "duh, winning!" "tigerblood" and "Adonis DNA."

*Shaking My Head*

Listen, Sheen, I don't care if "Tony The T-Shirt Tiger" told you to do it (it was probably Joey Scolari) I refuse to pay you a dime.

So what are you going to do about it...erase the words from my blog?

I found out that those phrases that you've been tossing around were given to YOU by people after you went off the rails on the Crazy Train. Yeah, they were words of encouragement, provided by people, when you were beginning your metamorphosis. You don't own those words, Charlie. You grabbed them from someone else and repeated them like a parrot reciting a mantra.

Would you like me to go into the specific details?

Nah, I didn't think so.

Some original performer YOU are. NOT!

So you picked-up the product ball and ran with it. Okay, fine. Everybody knows that those phrases are linked to you and everybody knows why. I'm not going to use those words to make any money for myself (hell, I wouldn't want to!) but I will call an adhesive bandage a Band Aid, a search on the Internet a Google and a wacko phrase a Sheenism.

Make me stop. I dare you.

Do I sound cranky? I am.

I mean, this whole copyright thing is getting totally out of hand!

The other night, I watched a popular reality show on TV, and at one point the group sang the song, "Happy Birthday" to a friend. But!! because the song that they sang was filmed and the audio was recorded, this is what I got to see and hear: The song was replaced by a long "beeeep" tone and a strip ran across my TV screen that declared: "Because of the high price attached to the rights of broadcasting this song, you will, unfortunately, not be able to hear the audio portion of this segment."

I dropped the remote.

So someone actually thinks that they own the exclusive rights to the song, "Happy Birthday"?!


Post: "I DID THIS!", from the blog: "Ruthie In The Sky". Posted on April 9, 2011 By Ruth Rader. Copyright PoorHouse Productions And Ruth Rader. All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Charlie Sheen: What's Left?

Charlie Sheen is in New York City tonight...after keeping the customers (somewhat) satisfied in Chicago, Cleveland and Columbus.

And why that is, makes about as much sense as why April snow is continuing to fall in Bozeman, Montana.

And now that he has pretty much "told all", he's now decided to "bare all."

The photo(above), elicited all sorts of reactions on the Internet today. Someone actually called him "Grampa" on TMZ...and that was in response to a photo of Charlie with his clothes ON.


And in between his radical road shows, Charlie has connected with Drew Carey .

At this point, I think any comedy intervention will only improve Sheen's so-called brand of "entertainment."

And speaking of improvements: Aherm!!

The Boston Red Sox REALLY need some HELP right now!

Will Charlie come to their rescue?

Another Song For Charlie:

$Money For Nothing$~~~


I was offline longer than usual today so I didn't hear about the second earthquake in Japan until about twenty-minutes ago.

Now, I can't even imagine what those poor people are going through.

When big things don't happen, the small things are magnified. Then, when major events DO happen, the small things become minor, very, very quickly.

Which is why I am not initially posting about Barry or Charlie this afternoon. They can handle themselves, it's the people in Japan that I am concerned about right now. And the rest of us, too. This is why...

A 6.5 magnitude earthquake also occurred in Veracruz, Mexico, 57 km (35 miles) S (169degrees) of Las Choapas, Veracruz, Mexico, earlier this morning.

Then the 7.1 quake hit Japan about an hour-and-a-half later:

66 km (41 miles) E (89 degrees) of Sendai, Honshu, Japan
118 km (73 miles) ENE (60 degrees) of Fukushima, Honshu, Japan
147 km (91 miles) NNE (26 degrees) of Iwaki, Honshu, Japan
333 km (207 miles) NNE (30 degrees) of TOKYO, Japan
according to USGS.

And I am mentioning the quake in Mexico because it must be (in my opinion, anyway) related to today's subsequent earthquake in Japan.

The question NOW is: Are these other quakes leading up to a BIG earthquake along North America's western coast?

That possibility sure is something to consider right now.

And I think that cities like Los Angeles and Portland and Seattle and Anchorage should make sure that they're well-prepared before that happens.

NOW is the time for California, Oregon, Washington State and Alaska to get their "emergency kits" in order. People who live along the coastline should make sure that they have an EMERGENCY PLAN OF ACTION in place. This is still a drill, folks. But it might become a reality.

Now, I'm not trying to come across like the sky is falling. Because it isn't. But, the Earth, our planet, our only home right SHAKING.

And I think that we should be mindful of that...not only in Japan, but also where we all live. That is especially true for those of us who live on fault lines and/or near the Pacific Ocean.

This isn't something to laugh at. On the contrary, these earthquakes should be taken very seriously. That's my observation and I am going to stick to it.

Being "safe rather than sorry" will be the phrase that pays if our planet decides to open up and rearrange the geography along North America's western coastline. And I am going to repeat: NOW is the time to get prepared for that event.

Follow Utah's example!

A small earthquake also occurred today in Arkansas .

Who wants to wait for the next BIG earthquake to hit in OUR Country?

Follow Utah's example and if you live in an earthquake/tsunami-prone area, make sure that you are adequately prepared for the worst. I think this is good advice.

USGS: Preparation Information

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Kyron Horman Is A Concern In Germany/Sweden

I have received some hits from Germany and Sweden. The hits are all tied to the Swedish language. And they're also tied to Terri Moulton Horman and the Kyron Horman missing child case.

I would like to know why.

Please contact me if there is anything about that case that you would like to discuss with me. Thank you.

Barry Bonds: Balls Tell It All!

The funniest words written in a top story this week:

["Late Tuesday, the judge said she is inclined to pare back the government's evidence some more. She said she is thinking of throwing out testimony from Bonds' former girlfriend, Kimberly Bell, suggesting that Bonds had suffered atrophy of his testicles. The judge said the government hadn't sufficiently proved that occurred or that it was a side effect of steroid use."--Lance Williams/The Barry Bonds Trial/San Francisco Chronicle, 4/5/11.]


If it came down to it, how WOULD the government assess the status of Barry's ANY given point in time?

I mean, REALLY?

(Something You'll Never See On Court TV):

"Your Honor, we believe that we can prove that Mr. Bonds, did, in fact, use steroids in an irresponsible and reckless fashion."

"How do you plan to do that?"

"We now have, for the Court's perusal, high-resolution images of Barry Bonds' balls. And we believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we can prove our case with the addition of these pictures."

"Did Mr. Bonds actually consent to having his testicles photographed?"

"Yes, Your Honor, he posed for this first photo right before he brokered it off to TMZ."

"However, after we acquired the first photograph, we took possession of a second photograph that was taken by Mr. Bond's own, personal physician."

(Two photographs, positioned side-by-side, are displayed on a huge, flat screen.)

"Now, if you look at the photograph on the left, you will notice that Barry Bonds' balls are healthy and have the robust appearance of two large coconuts. On the right, are the same pair that, after constant steroid abuse, now resemble two partially deflated hot air balloons."

Meanwhile, Barry sits with his defense people and closes his eyes. Underneath his sport jacket, he wears a black t-shirt with red lettering that says: "Just Shoot Me!"

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Cleveland: Charlie, Security And Don't Mess With Me

E Online: Charlie's A Major League Hit
MSNBC: Coverage In Cleveland
TMZ: Charlie's Trying To Dial Long-Distance

Sometimes it is wise to take a hard stance.

I'm happy to hear that Cleveland, Ohio didn't turn Charlie Sheen into a pygmy with a shrunken head. They could have. Easily.

The tight security at tonight's venue was a wise move. My favorite guy is the tall, buffed-out dude with the bald head.

I've noticed him in various photos and videos that have been released by the media. He never moves very far away from Charlie's side and he watches the surrounding area like a hawk.


I visited Charlie's YouTube channel last night and really enjoyed it. BUT YOU STILL HAVE TO QUIT SMOKING, SHEEN! If you watch the latest video on his channel, you'll know why I said that.

But at least he's giving kudos to those who partake of the herbish at his shows. THAT'S NOT GOING TO CHANGE MY MIND ABOUT THE SMOKES, HOWEVER!

"Wild Thing (hack, hack, hack)...You make my nose sting (cough, cough, cough)...You make everything stinky (retch)...Wild Thing."

:P THBzzzt!

Right now is probably not the most ideal time for Charlie to quit smoking. But it sure would give him a meaner edge at his shows.

Yeah, I can just see Charlie, after a week without his cigs, striding out onto the stage with an Airsoft Sniper gun and shouting: "Hey, ya'll...Heckle THIS!"

He'd just sit down in a chair, with that weapon in his hands, and loudly declare: "I used to I point and shoot!"

(Aiming at the crowd): "Does anybody here want a demonstration?"

Have fun in Columbus, Ohio, Charlie. It's a great city with a genuine emphasis on The Arts and student drinking. You'll probably love it.

If you stay focused and don't get stupid, you might eventually, maybe, possibly...end up hitting for the cycle by the end of your tour....with or without target practice.

Detroit Free Press: Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty...

Screw Drew?

Charlie Or Charity?

KING-TV (Seattle, WA): Charity, Not Charlie

Charity, Not Charlie 2.0

[Note To My Feed Readers: Make sure to either watch the corresponding video on my blog (via this post) or on the posted KING-TV site. You've just got to see this!]

"In their sty's with all their packing, they don't care what goes on around/ In their eyes, there's something lacking/ What they need's a damn good whacking."--From The Beatle's Song, "Piggies" By John Lennon And Paul McCartney.

This is how things are done in the Pacific Northwest. I should's been MY stomping ground for years.

Now, Charlie Sheen is going to get a taste of it: Whether he likes it or not.

So, are you going to make something of it, Mr."Tiger-Tinker-Toy"?

Are you going to cry "Foul!" and tell them that they can't use your name or likeness or draw people away from buying tickets to your show?

Well, are you?

Or ARE YOU GOING TO SEND A CONTRIBUTION TO THEIR CAUSE and then otherwise leave them alone?

You said you want a bigger challenge. Well, Chuckles, it looks like you just got one.

I SINCERELY hope that you become aware of this, either via my post or through the main media. Because've got this coming. Yeah, you know darn well that you do.

This is penance that you're going to pay. You OWE it.

The angels of karma swooped down, dropped the gift right into your hands and said: "Here, Charlie...chew on this."

It isn't going to make-up for your inexcusable screw-up in Detroit. But it will be a decent step in the right direction.

I suggest that you graciously honor it in the manner in which it is intended. Seriously.

Because karma is nothing to mess with. And when you consider your own, you better take a few steps back.

I know that, if not beforehand, you will hear about "Charity, Not Charlie 2.0" by the time that you reach Washington State. Take my advice and do the right thing by this noble project.

You will be a better man for it.

What do I know? I'll tell you: I know that you'll be a total jerk if you don't.

Honeymoon's over,'s time to face facts.

And that brings me to a comment, that came to me, very early this morning, from a person in Atlanta, Georgia:

(This is in reference to Charlie Sheen's outrageous disaster in Detroit, Michigan)

["I don’t know what people were expecting from him. He’s an actor, not a comedian. Unless he’s going to come up there and does a scripted one man show, what use is there in seeing him? They paid to watch him ramble when they could get that on the internet or TV so it’s on them."]

This comment is linked to my post, "Chatty Cathy Charlie In Chicago" .

I disagree. None of what Charlie Sheen pulled in Detroit was anybody's fault except his own.

Charlie was expected to entertain and he didn't. He had a job to do and he shrugged if off like one of his t-shirts.

People trusted Charlie to honor his end of the deal and he just tossed that trust into the wings of Fox Theatre.

If Charlie Sheen had gotten sick or things had fallen apart backstage about ten-minutes before showtime...then that would have been a different story. In that case, the ticket-holders should have gotten a courteous explanation and their money back.

Instead, Mr."Tiger-Milk-Toast" shuffled out onto the stage, like a five-year-old at his first show-and-tell and lost his direction in the lights. And when he finally realized what was happening, Charlie became angry and defensive.

We may never know why Charlie Sheen let that happen. Some people say that he was drunk. Some speculate that he was high. And still others believe that he really does suffer from a disorder and his brain just stopped firing right that night.

Whatever the cause...there are people all over the Country who are wondering if it's going to happen, again.

And some of those people are like the ancient Romans who watched the Christians get torn apart by the lions: They're after blood, Charlie...and not the tiger variety...they want a taste of your own.

I don't care as much about what happens to you as I do about all of the fans who are still waiting to see a really entertaining performance.

Are you going to deliver, Charlie Sheen? Or abandon the tour and crawl away into YouTube and other projects?

Please let us all know if you're going to trash the rest of this gig, Charlie. At least then, people will be free to donate their ticket money to a worthwhile charity...instead of wasting their dollars on you.

And just in case you really plan to make this tour a success, CS, here's another song for you. I like it because the lyrics fit and you can really hear the roar of the bus:

Monday, April 04, 2011

The "Screw-Off, Charlie" Song

"Why don't you sell "crazy" somewhere else...we're all stocked-up, here."--Jack Nicholson.

Charlie is so crazy, that when he gets Alzheimer's, nobody will
recognize the difference.

The "Screw-Off, Charlie" Song:

It's fun to cuss-out Charlie
I could do it all day long
Snub him, Bash him and verbally Trash him...
While I sing the "Screw-Off, Charlie" song!

Yeah, Charlie wants an army
He's trying to relate to us
Even tho black suits from Armani
Are hanging in his bus...

Charlie likes lots of money
Yeah, he thinks cash is cool
We see him grin when the loot comes in
But ATTENTION makes him drool!

No, Charlie is not mighty
For we all hold the sword
He's terrified that we'll kill his pride
And that he'll be ignored

He hopes that he's amazing
But that all depends
On whether he nails the ticket sales
And keeps his twitter friends

Yeah, it's fun to cuss-out Charlie
So we'll just stick to that
Until he stops being gnarly
And we stop buying his stupid act!
--Poem By Ruth Rader.

I love you, Charlie. Enjoy the rest of your tour.
(Even tho you aren't coming to Montana, you gutless goofball!)

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Even The REAL Tigers Are Embarrassed

Today's blog post is brought to you by the letter S, which is used in the words: Sarcastic, Superficial, Sleazeball, Screwed-up, Senseless, Stupid and Sheen.

[Charlie isn't going to be anything but some guy on stage when the audience says, "Okay, Mr. Big Shot: Entertain us!"

Just because he can hold his own online doesn't mean that he's going to get the same reaction when he appears in person. If he doesn't deliver the razzle dazzle, the audience is going to turn on him like a pack of wolves.--From My Post,
"Charlie Sheen: A Change Of Scene?"
Posted On March 20, 2011.]

[If this is just going to be a load of superficial sales pitches put through an onstage spin-cycle...then you might as well forget this whole thing and go back to twitter.--Me, April 4, 2011.]

Video From Opening Night In Detroit

[pam in ca
1:47 AM on April 4, 2011
Very much enjoyed your twitter reporting this evening. And while I wasn't at the show, I suspect your review is the most spot-on I've read so far. With the bar set so low after the Detroit performance, I think most other reporters and columnists are being a bit overly generous in their headlines and stories. I wonder if Charlie's third show will receive any attention whatsoever.--A Reader's Response To Reporter Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times.]

Richard Roeper's Article

An Open Letter To Charlie Sheen:

I began this year by posting several videos by Billy Joel. "The Entertainer" is one of them. Little did I know in January that Joel's song would fit so perfectly with your present situation, now, in April.

It's funny how things come around full-circle, isn't it?

Like how did I know that what I posted on March 20 would end up mirroring what actually happened on your opening night?

How, indeed.

Or how about THIS POST dated March 18?

You've just begun your tour and the related drama is already rising to a spike.

Is that what you planned on?

I'm writing this post because I think that you really want to say something to nobody in particular and everybody in general. But you haven't said it yet. I'm not sure why.

I think that you should speak your mind. You are holding the National microphone right now. This is your chance. Pull yourself together and make your feelings known.

There is another entertainer that is touring around the Country right now. And that person, is, of course, the legendary Sir Elton John. I wonder if you have ever personally met him. I think it would be very cool if you did.

Elton John became famous when you were still just a snot-nosed brat. Throughout his career, which has spanned over four decades, he brought outrageous to a whole new level. He still is.

But Elton has coupled that with a very major talent. You could learn some performance lessons from him, Charlie. Because when it comes to capturing and entertaining an audience, Elton John has got all of the bases covered.

Elton has performed with Billy Joel. They're obviously both piano men.

So why don't you have good music like that in your show?

I'm getting the impression that the music that you are providing to the audience isn't all that great. The media is continuing to gloss over it and so... It sounds (no pun intended) to me like you need to make some musical changes in your act.

What age bracket are you trying to reach, anyway?

I've been wondering about that.

Elton John is an older man now than when he recorded music back in the early 70's. But as I posted earlier, Charlie, he still carried his role on SNL last Saturday night. Which is more than Detroit can say for you.

You're going to Ohio soon. And if you think that Detroit was a force to be reckoned with...wait until you take the stage in Cleveland! Whoa!

I know that city very well. In fact, I spent a great deal of time in Ohio last Summer.

Actually, I've been to every city that you're appearing in. And I think it's great that you're using a bus.

But I think that you should stop messing around and make the most of your golden opportunity. Hit or get out of the box, Mr. Major League. Do it while you still have a reason to stay in the game.

P.S.: Contrary to your exit poem, the Universe (at least mine) is not (Charlie's Exit Poem Listed At End Of Article) "stagnant." Perhaps part of your recurring problem lies in how you perceive things...including yourself.


Two great songs by Elton John:

Chatty Cathy Charlie In Chicago

Next two stops on the list:

05 April, 2011 Playhouse Square Center Cleveland OH US
06 April, 2011 Palace Columbus OH US

[Shellyl-- Sun 04/03/11 11:30 PM--It might have been an improvement from the Detroit show but there is no way in hell I would pay any amount of money to listen to a crackhead talk about things in his life that we have all read about in the tabloids and hear him read a poem about hating Detroit. The Chicago audience is more insane than Charlie is.--A Reader Comment On's website.]

If you're such an horrible human being that you need armed protection from the people that pay to see you then perhaps you should stop before your hired thugs hurt someone.--A Reader Comment On TMZ's website.]

farrah Sun, Apr 3, 2011, 10:22 PM

God he's like the annoying gorilla that freaking WONT GO AWAY!!!--A Reader Comment On E Online's Website]

[While the show was still not "My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option," as the tour title promises, it was at least a forward-moving projectile of moderate celebrity dishing.--Steve Johnson, Chicago Tribune.]

E Online: Chatty Cathy Charlie: Pull His String To Get An Answer

USA Today: Just Get On The Bus, Gus

TMZ's Take

Chicago Tribune: After-Show Review

Hollywood Reporter: An Ovation And Richard Roeper

Entertainment Weekly (Chicago) Update

WGN-TV: (Chicago) After Show Update

Radar Online: Take A Ride Onto Erratic Avenue

Chicago Sun-Times: The Truth About The Tickets

The after-show reactions are coming very slowly out of Chicago right now. This is what I know so far:

Charlie Sheen blamed his disaster in Detroit on the audience in Detroit and not on anything that HE did. (I would LOVE to hear from anyone who has a different opinion about that!)

I wonder if the "standing ovation" was started by people who were paid to sit in strategic locations in the audience. Considering the fact that Sheen blamed the people of Detroit, and not himself, for his terrible opening night show...I wouldn't put anything past him, now.

The Chicago show was rather boring but apparently nobody left early. The crowd was noisy but they didn't boo Charlie off the stage. There were security guards posted by many of the rows where the audience sat.

When I read the Chicago Tribune article, it occurred to me that it's almost as if Charlie is trying to use the audience, at each one of his shows, as his own, personal shrink. It appears that he is trying to straighten-out the kinks in his life by bouncing everything off the audience. I've heard of performers "feeding off the energy from their fans"...but what Charlie Sheen is doing is selfish and totally ridiculous.

All in all, I wouldn't have paid a plugged peso to see it.

Charlie Cat Ate Crow In Detroit

[As the showed bogged down, an audience member booed, prompting Sheen to reply, "I've already got your money, dude."--Associated Press]

I told you that he isn't funny...


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How many of you saw it coming?

Pardon me, while I lick my chops here...but I told y'all that "Charlie Sheen is a P.T. Barnum in a circus full of trash talk."

Now you know I'm right.

Trust me on this: If Charlie Sheen would have delivered a stellar performance, the Freep (Detroit Free Press) would have reported it.

He didn't. Charlie Sheen sucked and then blew his own show.

As someone who is familiar with that City (and the State), I can honestly tell you that the people in Detroit are the most warm-hearted, but discerning, people that you'll ever deal with.

And Charlie Sheen, with no idea what he was doing, ran right straight into them.

Detroiters are tough. They don't take prisoners. They're hard-nosed and hard working people who are willing to give anyone a chance to prove himself. They recognize a dollar for what it's worth and expect to get what they pay for.

After a whooolllleee lot of BIG TALKING...Charlie Sheen sank 30 minutes after he jumped into the tank.

:P THBZZzzt!

He elicited boos from the crowd, and now some of the people who attended his so-called "Show"...want their money back.


Charlie ranted on, weeks ago, about the importance of "planning" in order to be "winning."

Well, it's obvious that he didn't follow his own advice. Now he's nothing but a first-class IDIOT.

And I know what went wrong, CHARLIE: You only did this gig to feed your own screwed-up ego. You seem to think that just because you are rich and the king of twitter, that fans' fascination with you will last forever.

Nope. You of all people should know better, Chuckie Sleeze. It only works that way as long as you continue to feed the machine. And if you don't feed it...we don't need it.

Those are pretty high-priced tickets you're selling. And perhaps 60,70,80 bucks or more doesn't mean much on Mulholland Drive. But if you ask for that down at the Fox golly, you better have something worthwhile to give back in return.

All I can say at this point is: Live And Learn Or Crash And Burn, Kami Tora. And when the production doesn't match your seduction, that paper will burn very fast. If you can't match your roar, Paper Tiger, then you'll be kicked out the door.

It won't matter how many Snoopy Doggs you take with you. The outcome will be the same.

Now I know why you aren't coming to Montana. If you flat line up here, the cowboys will haul you out into the street and kick your ass.

You don't have the guts to open up here. People in this mountain country expect TALENT. That's why Elton John is performing in Billings, Montana on April 13. People will be HAPPY to see HIM.

While you were dragging-out your disaster in Detroit last night, Sir Elton was doing a great job entertaining the Nation on "Saturday Night Live."

He acted in skits (including the cowboy one, which was a hoot!) and performed songs that set the whole audience rocking. And who did HE have with him?

Well, he had Jake Gyllenhall, Leon Russell and Tom Hanks.

Who do YOU have?

I thoroughly enjoyed the SNL show and I'm glad that I didn't waste my time (or money) on your "Tipping Torpedoes" flop last night.

So, that's one down...and over twenty more appearances to go. Good Luck, pussycat. Judging by your opening night, you, Charlie Shyster, are going to need it.

Oh, and for the record: Last night's farce was NOT "an experiment" (as dubbed by Team Sheen) was an outright RIPOFF! Call it as it is, Mr. Big Talk, or YOU STFU!

Saturday, April 02, 2011

The Blogger Buddies EXPOSED!

These characters, ladies and gentlemen, are the infamous "Blogger Buddies." Like rats caught in a cage, they stood in front of the camera and said, "Fleas!" just before their picture was taken.

Just look at them.

I have placed red numbers on or beside the worst of that bunch. So you will know just how nefarious (or ridiculous) those numbered people really are.

Click on the photo to see a much larger picture of these hooligans.

Number One: What is he even doing in that group? It must be some sort of clever disguise. He doesn't look like a nerd. No, he's probably still a student at a non-accredited tech school outside of Seattle. He somehow got himself in, hoping to bypass a zillion hoops and start making some big money. The group keeps him around because he provides all the "____" and the "____" to keep the gang's wheels turning.

Number Two: See that guy in the back row in the pink shirt? Yeah, that one. Look at him. He's hiding half his face behind the guy in front of him but still flashing that wiseguy grin. Why, he's practically leering at the camera. He is probably the mastermind behind all sorts of pranks that he's never owned up that over sized rubber frog, with a hundred-dollar bill tied around its waist, found floating in the toilet.

Number Three: Who is THAT guy, huh? I mean, look at him, hiding behind two other guys and slouching in the back row. What's HIS deal? Why's he trying so hard to make himself invisible? Well, I'll tell you this: He isn't changing into a Superman outfit.

Number Four: What's SHE laughing at? She's not even looking at the camera! No, she's trying to disrupt things. Ohhh, I'm sure that underneath that cute exterior beats the heart of a true menace!

Number Five: He is definitely Number Four's partner-in-crime. And he is sharing a private joke with her. Hell knows what those two are cooking-up behind a closed door!

Number Six: Who IS that guy?? See him dressed in that green shirt in the back row? He doesn't look like he belongs with that group of cyber-sadists, either. No, he appears to be sobering-up after a bad ball game...where he did a free fall from an upper deck during the seventh-inning stretch!

Number Seven: Well, it's easy to tell that HE doesn't care about blog development. Just look at his t-shirt. He doesn't want to work. He just wants to go scuba-diving near Cancun! And they put HIM in the front row...tsk, tsk. They have no shame!

Number Eight: Now that guy has GOT to be a farmer in disguise! I bet he just got off the bus from somewhere in freaking Iowa...and his real name is Opie. Yeah, he's probably an intern that's going to try to impress a city girl before he returns to his tractor in the Fall.

Number Nine: Check out that sweet face. Whoaaa...I bet she uses her clever disguise to con every unsuspecting guy within a country mile. She looks like she grew up in the "Little House On The Prairie." I bet she's memorized the recipe for every Girl Scout cookie that's ever been boxed! Yeah, she's a closet Clampett, alright. And she probably uses a hoard of "critters" to help her do her dirty work!

Numbers Ten And Eleven: Those two are obviously twins. And you KNOW how twins are! Yes, they hatch all sorts of capers of corruption without saying a single word out loud. They don't have too...those two communicate with each other via their sneaky, little minds.

Number Twelve: See that guy standing there with his arms crossed and that smart ass grin on his face. He looks like he undertakes some very creative crimes. Is that a backpack slung over his shoulders? What's he got in it? For that matter, what's he hiding under that hat?!

Number Thirteen: He's standing right in the middle of the group and staring straight into the camera. He has a no-nonsense look on his face which indicates that he must be the intelligence behind the operation! Yeahhh, the worst thug from the swamps of Jersey has nothing on Mr."My-Brain-Cells-Are-Bigger-Than-Your-Toenails!"

These Blogger Buddies say that they are busy creating new and amazing things that they will then give over to us to play with.

But don't be fooled by their cryptic and coded inferences. For they are all probably what 2012 is really all about!


And Google just BOUGHT THEM!!!


April 1, 2011
Posted by Brett Wiltshire, Blogger CEO:

"This morning we’re beyond thrilled to announce that Blogger has signed a definitive agreement to be acquired by Google, the Internet search company. This is exciting news not only for all of us on the Blogger team, but for our users, our partners, and most importantly -- the blogosphere itself."


Just remember, fellow bloggers--->You've Been WARNED!!