Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ruthie On The Road, Update

To My Readers:

The silence that you find in here is only temporary.

I am working on a new video. It will be posted on YouTube, at some point, over the next few days.

Meanwhile, you all enjoy your holiday weekend...and if you can't enjoy the fireworks then just work something into the fire.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Let's Be Real

To My Readers: This post is directed at specific individuals. They will recognize themselves when they read my words. The rest of you are obviously not in this category. Be grateful that you aren't.

To say that I am disgusted would be a short assessment.

Not one of you corrupt harridans has ever treated finding Kyron as anything more than some freakish, social hobby. And now that I see you all for what you really are, I am comforted by the fact that God and karma will eventually deal with you.

You stupid, black-hearted fools.

You took what could have been a very beneficial arrangement (for Kyron) and totally messed it up the other night.

You've chased each other around in idiot circles for months and you're no closer to finding Kyron than you were on Day One.

It was I, who suggested that you start holding those vigils across from Terri's parents house. Read THIS.

While some of the participants meant well, there are others who have proven to be a disgraceful and macabre waste of time.

And the other night, the stench of bullshit got so bad that I turned everything off and got away from it. Then I went to work on a project to help find Kyron. On my own.

You who tried to pull a stunt the other night, didn't get far. And you never will. Not with me, you won't.

Roll your creaking, "crime-fighting" caravan down another road. I know what you are really up to and I won't have it anywhere near my name...not in any way, process or form.

Hell, no!

It is unconscionable, that you could be so vile, as to exploit a vulnerable young boy like that. But I guarantee you, that which you sow, you shall also reap. And when the payback impacts your home, your employment and your family...remember, it is YOU who once had the chance to do the right thing. YOU chose not to.

I choose to honestly help Kyron.

Back when word of his disappearance first hit my ears...while I was walking away from a rest area...and onto an Interstate...I decided that if I could help Kyron, I would.

I have been dedicated to the cause, ever since.

More than you know.

And while I've been on the, there and back again...I've filed these posts. This group of posts is, by no means, all-inclusive. The list of posts (to date, there are 120) that I have published about Kyron, in this blog, is just too long to share here. But you can read every one of the posts by browsing through the archives:

My First Post About Kyron (filed June 6, 2010) Note the two attached comments.

"My Connection To Kyron" (filed June 13, 2010)

"An Incredible, Energetic Spark Of A Boy" (filed June 17, 2010)

*The "Terri Moulton Horman Facebook Page" post was published, in this blog, on June 23, 2010.*

"Kyron And Idaho" (filed July 10, 2010)

"Kyron Will Always Find YOU, Terri" (filed July 25, 2010)

"My Response To An Internet Idiot" (filed August 3, 2010)

"A Priceless Act Of Grace" (filed October 3, 2010)

"For Every Child Missing In The United States" (filed December 10, 2010)

"Take ME, Instead" (filed December 19, 2010)

"You Haven't Changed Anything" (filed on January 2, 2011)

"He's Not Yours" (filed January 7, 2011)

"Terri Moulton Horman's Fading Photograph" (filed on January 22, 2011)

"Kyron And Us, Lost And Found" (filed on February 2, 2011)

So go ahead and wave your banners and collect soundbites like media marbles inside a jelly jar. You'll just continue to treat the situation and it's criminal connection, like a church social.

And that is not at all what this is about.

THIS is about giving enough of a damn to stick your neck out and put your nose in.

Instead of huddling together like cutesy, little club members on a Roseburg, Oregon street corner...

...You should all be standing firm in silence, with candles glowing...staring for all your worth at Terri's folks house...for a good long time...before leaving the first of many clear, succinct the front door...

...You should stand in a group of many, many people...strong, quiet, focused and dead serious...

And return, as a committed group...again and again and again...

At this point...

...There are only two things left, that will run this situation to the finish line: Anger and Justice.

One will work perfectly with the other.

Justice is the machine and Anger is the fuel.

And so it goes.

(This graphic was made by Angela Mcbryde, who is also involved in the search for Kyron. It is the funniest damn thing that I have seen in days!)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Ability In Me

Ability. I've been thinking about that word all day.

And this is why:

I have seen every side of the United States "provider system"...from housing programs to food assistance to shelters...and I have encountered the condescension that, all too often, goes along with it.

Most of my readers have nothing, whatsoever, to do with the Social Service machine in this Country. They are, instead, employed and well-established in the middle-income currents of the economic stream.

And the only time that they drift into the deep end of the water is when they read this blog.

I've always been very aware of that as I have composed my "Ruthie On The Road, Update" posts over the years.

And through my blog, I have done my best to display who I am.

Some people have recognized my writing, photography and my ability to display both on this a bona fide creative talent.

Others have refused to give this nearly seven-year effort more than a cursory glance.

They, instead, turn to a discussion about employment (in a job that I have no business doing), low-income housing and blah, blah, blah.

Meanwhile, my blog remains, right on their computer monitor screen, and they ignore what it really means.

Those people represent every ignorant, biased and bitter staff person that I've met in numerous "Havens Of The Helpless" across the United States. Those people who believe that every person who wraps up in a blanket and sleeps on the sidewalk on West Burnside Avenue in Portland, Oregon is a zombie. Those people who sit in church soup kitchens, listen to my words while they flash a fake smile and then grab the sanitizer after we shake hands and say goodbye. Those people who assume that I am referring to a Facebook page when I tell them that I am going to work on my blog in a university library. Those people who are convinced that I really don't know source code from sea salt. And those people who are sure that a female hitchhiker would never receive regular information from the USGS or Intelligence Online (that scrutinizes the USDOD, among other things) or the IDGA in her email account.

Yeah, those people.

The other day someone asked me to proofread and edit some paperwork for her. It's kind of a "duh" proposition for me. It will take very little effort on my part to get it done.

But, when I finish the task, I will still be haunted by her initial but well-meant question to me: " you know how to type?"

Did Mr. "I-Used-To-Have-Constituents" Anthony Weiner ever sit in front of a keyboard?

Ability... this Country, some people still have trouble recognizing it for what it is.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Private Message

Private Message:

161.58.86.# (Verio Advanced Hosting - Dulles)
ISP NTT America
State : Virginia
City : Sterling


Thursday, June 16, 2011


If a fool falls in the woods, does someone hear him?

I hope you fall very hard, Mr. Weiner.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

LulzSec, Will You Help?

This is a valid and sincere request and it is directed to LulzSec:

This Is What Gave Me The Idea

More Information

You've cracked the code to the CIA (aka "Crazy, Idiotic Assumptions") website. That's really amazing.

Now you're looking for another target...and I have a suggestion:

Perhaps you could put your expertise to good use and help open some cracks in the Kyron Horman missing child case, too.

Communication between certain people, especially online, could be crucial to finding that boy alive or finding out what happened to him.

Communication that maybe YOU could intercept.

Am I suggesting that you do something illegal?

I am suggesting that you do what law enforcement has not been able to do for over a year now: Find some real clues that will lead us to where Kyron is.

And I assume that you can read between the lines here. Interception could lead to Information which could then lead to bringing Kyron back.

Just look around my blog and I'm sure that you will figure out how you can help us find that little man that so many of us love.

Please consider this.

Ruth Rader

Whose Garbage Should The FBI Grab First?





Dumpster diving meets National defense. That's what the new FBI Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide is bringing to our Country.

And I have absolutely no problem with it.

As far as I'm concerned, the Feds can sift through my empty soup cans, dirty Kleenexes and crumpled "to do" notes anytime that they want to. If they do so and don't leave a mess behind, it's fine with me. After all, anything that I toss-out is pretty much fair game, anyway.

I just wonder what they would have found in Congressman Anthony Weiner's trash a few months back?

The National Enquirer published photos of Mr. Weiner, all dressed-up in a bra and women's panties, in their magazine, that hit newsstands today.

So would the FBI have found receipts in Weiner's garbage that told them what Victoria's Secret really is?

You've just gotta wonder.

Which brings me to my point, here:

Whose waste can should be investigated first and how should that action be decided?

Has the FBI sifted through Terri Moulton Horman's leavings yet...or do they have plans to do so?

And should a blogger (like me, for instance) be scrutinized for what I post or for who I link to?

Who really has the right, in our Federal Government, to tell the citizens of this Country...what is right and what is wrong?

Is it wrong for a Congressman to compromise a minor female, dress up in women's clothing and then lie to the American people about the whole thing?

Is it right for a woman to take a young boy away from his home and those who love him and then refuse to bring him back?

What if someone supports the removal of all prohibition against marijuana in the United States?

What if someone belongs to the NRA and believes in the unequivocal right to bear arms in this Country?

Should the above-mentioned people be legally sanctioned and stripped off all reasonable semblance of privacy?

When it comes to investigating, how far should the Feds be allowed to go?

And when considering someone like Congressman Anthony Weiner...should the Federal Government spend a little more time policing itself...first?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Toss The Garbage, Then Tell The Truth

You ever pull out a sack of garbage and notice bits of trash still sticking in a mysterious goo at the bottom of the pail?

Well, that pretty much sums up the composition of Terri Moulton Horman's my opinion, anyway.

And it is her attorney, Steve Houze, who is attempting to clean up the mess with his bare hands.

No, he isn't wearing gloves. But Steve apparently doesn't mind getting up close and personal with the scum.

He probably thinks that the 30 pieces of blood-money silver that he got paid for the job is worth it.

Don't you, Steve?

In any case, I believe that it's time for Terri to face someone her own size. So I am offering an open invitation to Terri:

Terri, you are welcome to come to Chambersburg, Pennsylvania and tell me, to my face, what you really did on June 4, 2010. The only qualifier is that you have to tell the whole truth and leave nothing out.

You owe that to Kyron.

And Steve, if you want to tag along and take notes, you go right ahead.

I dare you. that a garbage truck that I hear?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Terri Horman, Gotta Get A Job!

I have created a new video that is posted on YouTube and here on my blog. The main point of the video is listed in the last frame.


Thursday, June 09, 2011

Even The Monkeys Are Scared...

Hells Bells! The monkeys are talking. My video, "A Straight Shot To The Point" is eliciting chatter in the Internet jungle trees.


Yeah, they are just going bananas over it. Apparently some of them watched the video and it just about made them toot their fruit.

They almost lost their Chiquita, Cheetah!


["Checky, checky", eh?

Yeah, kitty chimpanzee, you just go right ahead.

Knock yourself out. (It'll save me the trouble)]


A tropical fruit smoothie is dense and so are some people who have tried to do something worthwhile in the Kyron Horman missing child case. They type and type until their fingers tangle and it really doesn't make any difference.

The time is long past for Internet message boards. People, your eyes and take a wide look around the present situation.

How many times are you going to revolve around in senseless circles before you get tired of the ride?

Do you know what I've read from some of you geniuses on the Internet, lately?

1.) Desiree killed Kyron and buried evidence in the back yard of her house. And that's why she and Tony (who is a corrupt cop) got the idea to plant flowers and put a fountain in place to hide proof of their dastardly deed.

2.) Desiree killed Kyron so that she and Kaine would eventually be drawn back together in a romantic liaison.

3.) Kaine killed Kyron and hid the boy's body up in Canada.

4.) Tony Young killed Kyron because he was tired of sharing Desiree's affection and then he dumped Kyron's body in the ocean.

Have you read enough?


You people who create this crapola and smear it all over cyberspace disgust me. I mean, totally and completely.

When it comes to the whereabouts of Kyron Horman, you really don't know the facts from a fajita!

And when you've posted your thoughtless "theories", you've actually helped to protect those who are REALLY GUILTY. You dumb asses.

If you just want to monkey-around, go find Tarzan.

If you want to find Kyron, then start doing something that you haven't done yet:

Shut Up And Listen.


This post is in response to a particular website on the Internet that includes an underwhelming amount of intelligence (literally and otherwise). I am sure that some of the primates from that pack will read this post. And I sincerely hope that they are surprised to realize that I am aware of their deluded discussion. That fact, alone, makes my point crystal clear...but only to those who recognize the reason behind the revelation. There, chew on THAT, monkeyshines, why don't ya!

And now for a clip from the blog of Ms. Siriunsun:

"Terri, this is what I have to say to you about any type of work or contact with children: stay away from my children! You lied, almost from the beginning of the investigation into your stepson's disappearance, not caring how it would affect the outcome. Suppose someone had been stalking YOU, and grabbed Kyron? How does lying about your whereabouts help at all? Next, you never truly acted like you cared about Kyron or Kiara, then you tried to steal Kiara from your husband despite a temporary court order to the contrary, and now you are being represented by an attorney, who is standing between you and responsibility for the welfare of a child. Last but not least, your choices have made life difficult, not only for your own children, but for their half siblings, and for all of Kyron's classmates. You suck, Terri, you know that? No one should allow you to work anywhere near a child."

Play The Google Doodle!

Pling, Plang, Pling

Google and Les Paul...plays it all. :)

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Ruthie Mentioned On Digihitch

Meanwhile, in another corner of the Internet, my name and my blog came up in a discussion, again.

Scroll Down The Page And You Will See Where My Name And Blog Are Mentioned

Digihitch is a website that focuses on hitchhikers. (And I just finished a little, mini-tour, hitchhiking from Bedford to Somerset, Pennsylvania) So, naturally, I'm going to show up somewhere in the mix.

I have been hitchhiking for years.

And as a woman, that's something to say.

I wish that I could go into detail about what happened to me the other day. But I am sworn to secrecy...

...Oh, alright, I'll give you a hint: It involves a cop, a well-deserved ride and silver bracelets.

Maybe I'll tell you the whole story, someday. Or not...*SMIRK* LOL!! :)

I love America! Hitch On!

Monday, June 06, 2011

What To Do With Washington's Wiener


[Congressman Anthony Weiner's escapades have now reached Wikipedia . Scroll down the page on their site and read it.]

Most of us have a fairly good idea of where the balls are in Washington DC. NOW, thanks to Congressman Tony, we all know where the wiener is, too!

Tony Shalhoub sometimes plays a detective who pretends to be stupid. But the detective, Monk, is actually very smart.

Tony Weiner sometimes plays a congressman who pretends to be smart. But he is actually a dickhead who's very, very stupid.


Identifying an individual for who he really important. Because whatever got Anthony Weiner into his position in Congress, should never, ever happen again!

Therefor, I suggest that someone should make it his or her sacred mission to publish a new book: "The Voter's Guide To Identifying Potential Wieners." The book could then be issued as required reading to every person who registers to vote. And it could also be strongly suggested to everyone who plans to help put an individual into the United States political system.

This is just going to have to be done, people. I mean, Anthony Weiner is wearing suits (when he chooses to be fully-clothed) and is being paid a tidy sum of money.

But while his constituents have been doing their best to remain financially solvent on a daily basis...Congressman Weiner has been sending pictures of his schnitzel to unfortunate women all over the Country!

My gosh, not even Hugh Hefner has ever done that!

And then there's the "EWWW" factor to consider, here:

Congressman Weiner looks like he carries a wuss-icle. I mean, really! Heck, if he was stripped-down, I'd probably find more manliness on Don Knotts!

(Now there's a visual for you)

It's bad enough that we had to recently put up with the likes of Charlie Sheen. But Tony "Hey-Sweetie-Lookit-My-Weenie" is just too much! Every torture has to eventually meet its end-point.

In fact, since Charlie Sheen and Tony Weiner both like Twitter so much, I suggest that they be banished to a remote island, somewhere. And as a sentence for their jackass behavior, they should both be forced (via satellite link) to send genital photo-tweets to each other for the rest of their lives.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Memories From A Hitchhiker

Well, it took awhile but I finally finished my new video: "Memories From A Hitchhiker."

I plan to do much more in the future. And slowly get better and more advanced at the whole art of producing moving media.

But I like the new video. It's me. Kinda-Sorta, anyway.

I have so much to learn!

So now you all know what I'm going to be doing next winter...among several other projects that I have to work on.

I am in a village in central Pennsylvania right now...holed-up in this motel room...making communication magic...before I take off down the road again...

Let me know what you think of the video. I have lots of photos but I want to branch-out into other areas when it comes to creating videos.



To My Feed Readers: Visit my YouTube channel "ruthiesky" or visit my blog, directly, to see my latest video.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Kyron Horman: Loved By Many On Saturday





["I apologize that we can't be there in person to give this message.

As you know Saturday marks the 1 year from the day that our Kyron was taken from us. It is a very difficult time for us and the rest of his family. We have thought of how to honor Kyron and make this mark in time about him. This past year has been the most difficult and heartbreaking for us and everyone related to him. We feel honored to have Kyron in our lives, but our sense of loss and the senselessness of this act cannot be forgotten. While we think of this last year as a tragedy, we have also been witness to the incredible good in people that makes this burden easier.

We will be spending this time with family, looking at pictures of Kyron, and remembering how wonderful Kyron is. We will be planting some of Kyron's favorite flowers and dedicating an area to Kyron under his favorite plum tree in our yard. This day will be about the good and positive that Kyron brings to our lives.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who have provided us with support, thoughts and prayers over the past year. We would not be able to get through this without the support of law enforcement, volunteers, family, and the support of people everywhere that think about Kyron and care about bringing him home every day. My belief in the goodness in people and the strength of hearts everywhere has been restored. I believe that is what will bring Kyron home to us, the goodness in people."]


According to Kyron Horman's official website, Saturday June 4, 2011 will include a "Work Day" at the last place that Kyron was seen before he disappeared: Skyline Elementary School.

The event will focus on sprucing-up the grounds around the building.

And I can just see it now: Each person will cut the grass, or trim the bushes, or plant flowers and think about Kyron. Kyron...peeking around the trunk of a tree...Kyron...walking near the line of evergreens, holding a little frog in his hands...Kyron...standing inside the building, tapping on a window, with a grin on his face.

Many prayers will be raised to the heavens on Saturday...floating up like flower buds...blossoming and sparkling in the sky...and angels will gather them all...and take them to God.

Oh, how so many of us care about Kyron! And he will be everywhere Saturday. He will be in Canada and England and so many other places around the world.

While Terri Moulton Horman has done less than dust in the past year...Kyron has touched the hearts of many good people. Now, Kyron has a treasure-trove of people who love him and Terri has a million enemies.

And justice will come for Kyron. If Kyron doesn't come home this month, then law enforcement will intensify the investigation in July.

And when all is said and done, Kyron will win and Terri will lose. Kyron will find salvation and Terri will meet invisible moves.

A Mess In Mass/Ruthie On The Road, Update



It just makes you wonder where it's going to strike next, doesn't it?

A tornado of that voracity...chewing up everything in it's path across Springfield, Massachusetts?

Practically unheard of! An Autumn nor'easter, maybe...but a killer tornado?

The heat and humidity were at the "Quick, turn on the AC!" stage here in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, yesterday. And the mix followed my friend Rob and I as we took care of business. At one point, we spotted a big, yellow butterfly and I swear that its wings were wilting!

I thought that the climate would eventually erupt into a violent storm but it left us and slammed into Springfield, instead.

I am going back on the road again, despite the fact that my friend Craig doesn't want me to. He worries about me. And when he handed me his card with his cell phone number on it, he made sure that I understood that I am to call him if I run into any major trouble.

"I'll probably have to come get you from someplace like South Dakota!" he said, with a half-smile on his face.

Hopefully, I will run into a positive experience instead of a full-blown EF3, 4 or 5 tornado.