Friday, January 06, 2012

Casey Anthony: Evil On The Tube

The following still shot is from Casey Anthony's October 2011 video. The video was shot in black-and-white and I edited it and added the color to the picture. I did it to emphasize that just about everything about Casey Anthony's persona is fake.


The woman who is contributing to the distribution of the videos is:

BRIANNE CHANTAL via Twitter, apparently with the help of ROB HENSLEY of Olathe, Kansas.

And this is a snip from Casey Anthony's newer video, which was uploaded to YouTube, today, January 6, 2012:

Casey Anthony, of course, is the woman who was accused of killing her toddler daughter, Caylee. Anthony was later found "not guilty" but I don't agree with the verdict. Neither do many other people who have followed the case.

Now, Casey Anthony is touting her new book...and fanning the public a marketing ploy on YouTube. She can deny it all that she wants to, I won't believe her denial any more than I believe that she didn't murder her own daughter.

I spent a few hours on YouTube today, debating Casey Anthony's lack of credibility and responsibility for killing Caylee. Some of the posters claimed that Anthony is going to reap "millions" from her book and movie tell-all deals.

I declared that karma is going to catch-up with Casey Anthony and will ultimately bring her to justice.

Some people say that she is just very mentally ill. I disagree. I believe that Casey Anthony is pure evil.

As time goes on...we'll see which way the fate pendulum swings...out of Casey Anthony's hands or right into her face.

Casey Anthony's October 2011 video:

The Comedy Couple's sarcastic and spot-on response to Casey Anthony's October 2011 video:

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