Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Forget Protect And Serve, Just Neglect And Be Absurd

This actually happened to me, earlier this evening. This email has already been sent to the appropriate person. I will deal with it further, on an official level, tomorrow morning:

I am sending this email to you on the same evening that the incident
occurred. It happened earlier this evening.
And I am very lucky to be alright...now.

I was unable to access the name of the person who made the inexcusable
error in judgement. But I assume that
he works for your department. And the entire event was logged through
starting and ending mileage.

Before I explain myself, further, I want to tell you that
I sincerely hope that it wasn't YOU who was so
irresponsible with my safety.

And in any case, consider it a God-given blessing that two people did
the job that your department neglected to
do...on my behalf.

Now I will tell you what happened:

I was hitchhiking. I made it through Iowa and was heading through
South Eastern Nebraska, when a woman
dropped me off by the ________. As you probably already know, that
______ is located by Highway ___ and is near
a junction point, as well.

The sun began to set and I walked up to the junction, by the set of
lights on poles and that's when the officer appeared.
He drove me to the Kansas State Line and left me there. Right there.
In the dark. By the highway. In a desolate area.

That will never happen to a woman, again, Sir.

Because I am going to inform both your County and the State of
Nebraska about your officer's negligence. I promise.

I am quite sure that you know just exactly where I was left at. It is
a dark, rural area that has no highway lights of any kind.

There is a guard rail and that is all. Big trucks rushed across that
stretch of road and the drivers never saw me. I risked
getting hit. I couldn't properly see the traffic, beyond the blinding
glare of headlights and taillights.

I was where I never should have been at the totally wrong time of day.

A couple of tourists from Brooklyn, New York, saw the faint image of
my arm, as I waved frantically for them to stop. I believe
that the fact that they saw me, at all, is the direct result of the
Grace of God.

The couple passed me, turned their vehicle around and came back. Then,
after I explained how I got there, they were outraged.
They drove me out of Nebraska and didn't leave me until
they were sure that I was in safe and capable hands.

What that officer did to me was disgraceful. Shame on your department.

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TallulahBee55 said...

I worry about you out there Ruthie - try to stay safe. It is truly an abomination when our "public servants" fail to protect us.