Saturday, January 07, 2012

Google: Leave The Chamber!

01/04/12: ZD-NET: NUKE THE NET?

There is a major controversy brewing right now and it might lead to some very serious problems for all of us who freely use the Internet.

Read the article (above) and consider the options...that Google, Amazon, Wikipedia and YOU should take.

You will find a link to the petition on the sidebar. Please sign it.

I don't like the idea of extreme, right-wing, "might-makes-it-right" censorship on the Internet. If the United States Chamber of Commerce gets away with SOPA, then bad moves are sure to follow. This is just the beginning.

My advice?

Don't let it happen. This is OUR Internet and we've been free to deal with it as it has evolved. I first logged onto the Internet in Minneapolis, Minnesota back in 1993.
I've watched the first steps of Google, Yahoo and many other entities on the Internet. We've sort of "grown-up" together.

I don't want anyone telling me what I can and cannot watch, listen to or discuss online. How I relate to the Internet is my personal decision and my own business. It always has been. And I want that freedom to remain the way that it

Suppose I get an official order to remove the pot leaf graphic from this blog?

Should an entity be given the right to order the removal of all positive online references to marijuana?

And along with my rights, there is the money end of this deal to consider.

Yes, I pay for my music, editing and other services. And that is as it should be. But I don't want SOPA to develop into a law that will jack up the price on my music, books, movies and editing software by slapping some kind of extra tax on my usage or download charges.

I want the United States Chamber of Commerce to keep its big, fat hands off the likes of Amazon, Rdio, Wikipedia and Google.

And Facebook and Twitter, too.

We are a social network on the Internet and we sure as hell don't want anyone jumping in and putting a list of constraints on how we interact with each other. We're learning how to settle online disputes on our own. And I know that my friends and I don't want Big Brother coming in and bossing us around.

I see the handwriting on the SOPA document and on the Internet wall. I know what it smacks off and I don't like it.

If this situation is allowed to develop, unchallenged...I bet you won't end up liking it, either.

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