Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Kyron Horman: Two Questions


There is going to be another cyber-vigil for the missing boy, Kyron Richard Horman, tomorrow on Facebook. And with all of the missing children still out there , it is significant that Kyron's case still remains high on the list.

It has been over eighteen-months since Kyron disappeared from his Skyline Elementary school near Portland, Oregon. Since then, the ground covered in the case has been trampled, sampled, dug up, sifted through and analyzed by everyone from official investigators to Internet sleuths.

But the truth is still hidden and Kyron is still gone.

Which brings me to the two things that I want to mention here:

1.) If Kyron is still alive then an age-enhanced photo of him has to be created and widely distributed. Kyron is not stuck in a time-warp...either he is alive or passed on. But until we all know for sure, an age-enhanced photograph is crucial.

2.) Where is Terri Moulton Horman? I want to know. Flat-out. I want to know where you are, Terri. Are you even in this Country, now?

I'm wondering if you left Roseburg and Oregon and the United States. It's possible. I haven't been told that you can't get a passport. And nothing, besides your daughter Kiara and the impending divorce from Kaine could be holding you here, right?

So...where are you now?

And is Kyron still haunting you?


Anonymous said...

it is a great suggestion to do a new more mature profile of Kyron. i live across the country from where he went missing and I think of him on a weekly basis. Poor little guy my heart goes out to the cute little kid.

Ruthie Rader said...

And now that an age-enhanced picture of Kyron is available...perhaps that will help bring our boy home.