Saturday, January 14, 2012

Long Island Serial Killer


My interest in the Long Island Serial Killer case began after I "met" a guy on Facebook. And while I am posting this to everyone, I am aiming it, specifically, at the killer, himself.

You know, that overrated loser who has nothing but dead bodies to show for his efforts.

I found a Long Island Serial Killer (LISK) website and posted my version of the killer's profile. I've re-posted it, here:

This person is likely a fairly "big", overweight, balding guy who considers himself to be physically ugly. He wears a disguise when he goes out to get a victim. He might wear a hat or a do-rag on his head. He might wear dark glasses...even at night. He may wear something that alters his persona, like biker gear.

He may live just a few miles from the ocean. He may be unemployed, underemployed or hates his job. He carries a great deal of stress, frustration and outright anger around, inside him.

He drives an average but dependable, dark blue or black vehicle.

He really doesn't have a whole lot of money.

He spends quite a bit of his time "socializing" behind a barrier, like a computer (Craigslist, Facebook) and/or amateur radio. In his "real" life, the guy is awkward around people, especially women and generally keeps people at arm's length.

When he goes out on a "hunt", he dresses and behaves differently. He is a performer and once he gets his "prey", he begins his performance.

After he puts the woman's (or man's) dead face in the sand, he savors the release and peace that he feels. It's like a drug. He feels powerful, capable and revels in his success.

Any dismemberment is a pleasure and another way for him to assert his dominance.

I also believe that, after the fact, the killer inserts himself back into the a spectator or even a person who comments, online about the case.

I will stay interested in this case until it's conclusion. Count on it.

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