Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Picnik Is Almost Over, Update

UPDATE: This is what is happening in the forums, now. The discussion headlines speak for themselves. There are quite a few discussions, now. This is just a recent sample:

THE GROUP DISCUSSIONS is a very simliar site to Picnic. [1 Update]
Say NO to demolition Picnik ! [1 Update]
Why is Google closing this amazing program???? [1 Update]
What would you recommend instead of Picnik ? [1 Update]
Now that Piknik is closing in April, what is replacing it? [1 Update]
How to find the collage tab on the home page [1 Update]
My "most recent uploads" have all disappeared sincce last night!! It used to be last 100 pics, now only allowing 3?? [2 Updates]
Please, please, please don't go away! Why? Why are you closing? Where can I go now? [1 Update]
how do I get the premium? [1 Update]
το Picnik κλεινει τον απριλη , θα ανοιξει παλι? αν οχι θαθελα ενα ιδιο προγραμμα με τις ιδιες ικανοτητες κ με χρηματα δεν με νοιαζει [1 Update]
Don't close! [1 Update]
WE WANT ANSWERS!!!! [1 Update]
Does anyone knows the real reason Picnik is closing? [2 Updates]
What now? [2 Updates]
Please transfer features to Picasa and Google + [2 Updates]
Are the features and editing tools of picnik going to be available somehow through Google now??????? [4 Updates]
it would be nice if you would answer some questions [2 Updates]

Picnik, the nifty photo editing service that is linked to Google, announced (yesterday) that it is packing up and going away.

Many people are disappointed and I am one of those people. I have been a customer of Picnik for some time now and I wanted to remain as one.

What concerns me now is what Google is going to do after Picnik has closed. This is a copy of the comment that I sent to the Picnik discussion forum, this morning:

"Like many other people, I was shocked by what I saw yesterday when I tried to use Picnik.
And it reminded me of when I opened Lala and they announced their closure.
In Lala's case, Apple took over and killed it. Then they tried to send us all over to iTunes. I
never went. In fact, they credited me with tokens for iTunes which I never used. I waited it
out and finally signed-up for Rdio and I've been happy there, ever since. But the memory
remains and I see it happening all over again. Evidently, Google (Big "G", double "o"...Go
as they grow...dontcha know) is up to something and, as usual, is making sure that we,
the paying consumers, will be the last to know. Just grab your shots and hope that Google
doesn't do what Yahoo did when they sent their photo department over to Flickr: Pay or you
only get to access 200 of your photos at a time. Just remember, you've been warned. I'm
betting this is all about money...this is the Internet...isn't it always that way?"

I think it is poor form for Google to leave us all in confusion, right now. So far, they have not offered an alternative.


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Jenn said...

Hi Ruth,

I see you're considering what a post Picnik world might look like. My name is Jenn, I'm part of a team of former-Picnikers. We're taking what we learned from creating Picnik, sprinkling in some faster functionality and new surprises and bringing you PicMonkey. I know this is a little out left field but we wanted to give some of our most avid fans a sneak peek...

Sign up and we’ll keep you updated on a launch date. Also, feel free to send me your feedback, feature requests, and, of course, any questions you have!