Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ruthie On The Road, Update--Part Two

The next morning, I walked through the crisp breeze until I reached the edge of Syracuse, Kansas. Then I turned around and put out my thumb, again.

A man in a big, muddy pickup, stopped and got me. He drove me east to Garden City, Kansas. We found a homeless shelter there but the woman at the door told me to go to the Sheriff's department. I had to get, she explained, a paper that proved that I am not a wanted ax murderer.

So the man took me over to the cop shop and I got the paper. Then we went back to the shelter.

I thanked my helpful driver as the woman finally let me in the shelter door. I didn't stay there for very long.

Several other women were cooking something in the kitchen. It smelled good and I was hungry.

But the woman who let me in, told me that I couldn't eat that meal. She also told me that I couldn't get my clothes cleaned until the weekend. Then she told me that all of the women, who "stayed" there, slept in beds in the basement. And finally she told me that I would have to leave after we finished some paperwork and not return until later on that evening.

I took a city bus to the edge of that city and never returned, at all.

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