Friday, January 13, 2012

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I left the motel, located at the edge of that small-town city in Kansas, and started to walk down the road. The wind was howling and blowing at the rate of 53 mph. I was cold.

And then I looked up and saw the car. A person that I had only "met" through videos, online chats, blogging and an Internet telecommunications service was behind the wheel.

She brought me back here to her house, where I have spent the past two days.

We have caught-up on everything and continued our sleuthing endeavors. It has been quite an experience.


She lives with her husband, kids,


four cats and one dog, in a huge house that includes a stained-glass window. The house, according to my friend, used to be a doctor's office, many years ago. It is two-levels with hardwood flooring, thick, key-holed, doors and tall windows.


I explored a box that was filled with old greeting cards, letters and pages from a 1915 edition of the Kansas City Star newspaper.

This town is old...steeped like a past history. Even the business district includes squat brick buildings from the turn of the century.

Now I realize that Alice, or in this case, Ruthie, has truly stepped through a time-warp looking glass.


Juli Henry said...

Yellow Kitty has been looking all over for you! She's been searching everything you've touched, hunting all over the room, gazing out the window, and meowing at the door!

Juli Henry said...

The kids have also been asking if you are okay. They are watching, and growing up in this world, and sharing their opinions with their own friends. This should serve as a warning to adults out there who would judge others and deliberately not care....I have a large number of kids who care, and will take over one day! They learned something from you, and are sharing it as we speak!

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Oh poor little yellow kitty!!
I sincerely love that cat! You give her extra love and tell her that I'm coming back in a couple of weeks.
I really enjoyed those kids. We had quite a time, together. Tell'em that I will be back to hang-out with them again, soon.
How is Keith's birdbath going?