Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I got a great thirty-mile ride from the couple that I met last night. They dropped me off by a bridge in another town.

I walked across the bridge, intending to sit on the guard rail on the other side, when my eyes noticed the sign.


"Oh, geez" I thought and my shoulders sagged.

"There must be a prison around here." I thought and kicked the bridge railing.

Then I sighed, cinched the pack straps tightly around my shoulders and walked right past the sign, with my thumb out.

A man from New Mexico stopped his SUV and picked me up. He was a consummate rule-breaker, anyway.

And ten-minutes later, he proved it.

We started talking as he sailed his rolling craft out of the highway harbor. Then the flash of red-and-blue lights flashed through the moment and broke the mood.

After an exchange of "...your proof of insurance" and "...here's my license" and "...this is a citation, sign here"...we rolled back out on the highway, again. Only this time, my driver carried a $170.00 speeding ticket in his wallet.

Something about him started to feel wrong. I couldn't identify it...but suddenly I didn't want to be around him, anymore.

I finally asked him to drop me off at a rest area.

He did.

Fifteen-minutes later, after I freshened-up and cleared the on-ramp, my second ride arrived.

The old man was driving a raspberry-tinted minivan. When I glanced at the van's dashboard, I noticed a full-sized bird's nest sitting there. He is a kind of an "inside the vehicle" hoarder and, with the exception of himself, I'm not sure what else I sat next to on that ride.

We finally drove through Amarillo and then continued on into the Texas Outback Wilderness.

Tonight, I am in a small-town Texas city using this wi-fi connection...in a rehab center.

A deal was struck this evening and I am now in a private room with my own bathroom and free wi-fi. A lady served me dinner and my laundry is now done.

I'm going to keep myself separate from the "residents", for the most part, tonight. Unless, of course, they want to discuss the positive points of legalizing marijuana.


Linda said...

I found your blog through Writers for All Seasons. Yours is the first from that source that has looked at all interesting or worth my time. First off, your Heart Attack Video attacked me. With your permission, I would love to reblog that on my site...such a well done piece that more women need to see.

Then I read this update from the road and I'm hooked. Awesome post. I'm eager to dig deeper.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Hello, Linda. This is why I am going to be looking for a publisher this year. I have something to sell: My experiences and the passenger-side mirror known as my blog.

I have a plan. And I am going to do my best to implement it in 2012.

The "Just A Little Heart Attack" video is not mine. It is public domain from "Go Red For Women" and the American Heart Association.

Please do post it on your blog and spread the good message along! Thank you.