Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ruthie On The Road, Update

A zipper broke on my backpack, last night. And this morning, I took a bath in a semi-clean bathtub that is situated in a room with the dimensions of a broom closet. I didn't even have a wash cloth to scrub up or a towel to dry down with! Geez.

I finally left the land of addiction after the President of the Chamber of Commerce bought me a brand new backpack. It's larger, black and sits comfortably on my shoulders. Thank you, Sam! :^)

Then a lady with a big heart, decided to drive me back to Kansas, today. So she did.

We went to a shelter in a Southern Kansas city and decided that it wasn't going to work for me. So she brought me back out to the highway and cut me loose.

I put out my thumb, and five minutes later, an elderly man slid his fancy white car to a stop on the paved shoulder. He had a beautiful smile and must be close to ninety-years-old.

We discussed farming as the miles unrolled past the rural Kansas pasture land. And when I finally stepped out of the car, he handed me a fifty-dollar bill. I gave it back and asked him to take me to a motel. He drove another fifteen miles and got me a room for tonight.


I ate, watched a little TV and now I'm on line. I will microwave some popcorn and read the story, hanging in a frame on the wall, about the Dalton Gang. Apparently, they once hung-out around here.

This bed is comfortable and topped by four fat pillows and a thick, homemade quilt. There is French lace on the window, coffee in the pot and a large print of sunflowers in a field, on the wall behind me.

I see justice balancing itself out, tonight. And I deserve it. Yeehaw.

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