Friday, January 27, 2012

Ruthie On The Road, Update

Tonight is just different. I'm sitting in the corner, with my right boot on the table and my laptop balanced on my right knee. I'm listening to rock and ignoring the stupid Republican debate that some dumb ass truck drivers have decided to watch.

Mitt Romney is pitching his woo to the American public again and I bet the truckers are Mormon and drive for Doug Andrus. I haven't asked them. When I'm stuck in a driver lounge, at a truck stop, like I am tonight, I make a point of ignoring everyone.

The local cops made arrangements for me to stay here and so I don't want to get into any confrontations. Besides, about half of the guys in this place are probably idiots. Therefor, it wouldn't take much to get them inflamed. Their brains don't turn on when their trucks turn off. If you know what I mean.

Some of the drivers don't trust me and think that I work for some government agency. When one of the drivers asks me about it, I tell him that the Feds couldn't pay me enough to put up with what I have to deal with.

I should be off the road, for awhile, if not longer, next week. I am in Kansas and I intend to remain here for as long as I can. I'll update you as soon as I know what my long-term status is going to be.

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Juli Henry said...

Either there is something very wrong with me, or there is something very wrong with Newt Gingrich! When I saw his face on that clip, along with the title about plans for the moon, I did not immediately picture space programs. I pictured bare naked asses on stage, in response to each other! I had to actually start watching the video in order to see something else!