Friday, January 20, 2012

Sent Back From My Side

A very interesting person, named Sally, has somehow entered my fan club. She sent me another email, today. Sally is curious about me and is beginning to ask questions.

That is okay.


Sally says that she doesn't "do Facebook."


But here's the deal: Sally is asking me questions (which is great) but I don't know anything about her. And I will not reveal what personal information she has provided to me. Those of you who really know me, are aware that I don't work that way. (However, I will post that she claims to be from Arizona)

Don't take this the wrong way, Sally...(she will most likely read this post)...but you could be a guy who's actually involved in a missing child case. At this point, I have no idea who you are. But a friend of mine could run a trace on you, via your emails and acquire quite a bit of information about you.

I'm just saying.

If you are really a nice lady who's fallen in love with my story, then I will be more than willing to correspond with you. But first you're going to have to give me a little more of an introduction, Sally.

I am aware that some people would like to write a story about me. I also realize that my feedback would be crucial to the integrity of the book.

But I know that I am worth something in dollars (I have been told that over and over for years) and that intrigues me. So, before I am going to agree to an interview, I think that we had better draw-up a legally binding agreement.

Don't laugh, Sally. This deal could become a money-maker. But only if I am directly involved in the project. It won't have nearly the hook if I don't have my own creative stamp on it.

Now, you may be someone who just wants to ask questions. And perhaps everything that I've posted so far has just sent you reeling. But if you do have my best interest at heart (all of my friends do) you will understand and respond, accordingly.

No, I don't usually publish people's emails to me, here, Sally. But I'm just as curious about YOU as you apparently are about me. And when I present something like this in my blog, it is a very good way of covering my back.

To the rest of my Readers: The following is an edited version of the email that Sally sent to me, today. Take a look at it and let me know what you think:


[ "I'm so curious about the places/experiences that you liked the best. Are you ever tempted to settle down in one place if you like it? Are you still planning to settle back in Alaska? I don't know if I missed it, but did you write the book you were contemplating. If not - are you still going to? (SEE WHY I ASKED SALLY WHAT I DID?)

Do you ever get scared? How long do you plan to continue hitchhiking? In your opinion, are the people you meet for the most part decent people? We're about the same (I DON'T KNOW WHAT SALLY MEANS BY THAT) and I can tell you that in my limited experiences, I find most people rude and disrespectful (IT SOUNDS LIKE SALLY DOESN'T KNOW ENOUGH NICE PEOPLE) when I'm struggling hauling groceries or whatever. Do you think your experiences being a woman our age makes a difference than, say, if we were college-aged in the way people treat/react to you?

Your posts about your travels, lonely highways when it's dark and cold are terrifying to me but it's like a car have to rubberneck. What do you feel when it's getting dark and you don't know where you're going to go?

I'm also dying to ask you....what made you take your first hitchhiking trip? Was it a thought out plan or a spur-of-the-moment decision? I totally respect your privacy in your personal life and will only ask you to share with me what you're comfortable sharing.

When you meet people on the road and they bring you to their house....are they curious like I am about what your life is like? Do those experiences add or detract from your journey?

One last have you managed to escape (if you have) a larger presence? I had never heard about you until I picked up your site on a blog roll. I wish I had found your blog years ago. (WHY DOES SALLY WISH THAT?) I sure hope you have or are going to write your book. (SALLY MENTIONED "THE BOOK", AGAIN) I'm definitely buying." ]



Tracy said...

Ruthie, didn't you have a bad encounter with a " reporter" awhile ago? Be wary of people, which I'm sure you are. You're a smart person... Stick with your gut and do what you feel is right. How did this person find you? I mean, did they just stumble upon your "blog"? People just don't come out and say they want to write a book about you, or someone just because. There's always some sort of motive, etc. Just be very careful. I care :)

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Thank you, Tracy. I am being very careful.

My gut told me to be that way.

Shannon said...

I understand being hesitant to trust but it's not unheard of for someone to not, ''do Facebook'' and her curiosity seems genuine. To me, it doesn't read as if she is trying to profit from you; she just seems to have a lot of questions, which wouldn't be unusual for someone who is a new reader. Again, I understand and encourage caution but this came really close to casting unnecessary aspersions on a random reader.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

I disagree, Shannon. There are some signals that made me cautious and that's why Tracy reacted like I did.

If you knew what "Sally" ended up sending me, after she read this post, I bet that you'd be in agreement with both Tracy and I.

I can't reveal the contents of that email because it contains some very personal information about her. It was sent in an irrational frame of mind and I know that it can't be shared.

Furthermore, I don't know if she really is, in fact, a "random reader."

But thank you for your comment, anyway.