Thursday, February 09, 2012

Josh Powell: A Point Made? (Updated)



The first conversation, between the Case Worker and the 911 Dispatcher, shows just how pathetic and worthless the Case Worker was in this situation. She should be fired and never allowed to have an occupation like that, again.

The 911 Dispatcher: DITTO!

She, possibly named Elizabeth, should NEVER have let go of the children's hands! She should have gauged Josh Powell's mental state, from a safe distance, before releasing the children to him.

AND, knowing the situation (the "high profile" details) the CASE WORKER never should have gone to that residence without another adult.

Josh Powell: Now the World knows his name. But I wonder why nobody ever had him committed to a mental institution?

It was obvious to me, two years ago, when I watched the so-called "Blue Cap" impromptu interview, that Powell was mentally ill. So why didn't someone, close to the situation, take matters-in-hand and prevent Josh Powell from having any contact with the two boys? Why?

There will always be excuses for the official lack of intervention. But there will never be a satisfactory explanation. It's as if the ones who were supposed to be responsible for those kids had blinders on. And so they never saw how serious Josh's mental state really was.

Until it was too late.

Let this be a lesson: If there are indications, that something is seriously wrong with a parent, then intervene. When children are in a potentially bad situation, take action. Because when it comes to kids, a parent's wrong behavior is never something that every other responsible adult should just ignore.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, you're so right. Josh Powell was obviously mentally ill. And a bad liar, too. From the moment he said he took the kids camping at midnight to make smores in freezing weather and came home and Susan had run off with some other man, all my bells and whistles went OFF! Then immediately moved out of state! Nothing says "guilty" like that behaviour. After that, he shouldn't have had any access to those kids in his home, even supervised. He was obviously capable of anything; now this!
In my opinion, the case worker, who was following the directions of her supervisor and the court's decision, is very lucky to not be collateral damage as well. He could just as easily have killed her on the doorstep with that hatchet or let her in the house and bashed her with it.
The final chapter of this story makes me ill.