Thursday, February 09, 2012



Believe it or not, the above-listed article actually exists.

It does because the situation in Oregon is so bad.

Yes, it is.

One of the reasons why, is spread out for the public to see, every day, on West Burnside Avenue in Portland, Oregon.

You want to see where some of the money is going?

Take a walk down by the Burnside bridge...then Union Station...the rest of China Town...then up to Powell's book store (assuming that it's still there)...

...and you will see a disaster. And then there's the OTHER side of the bridge.

The creeping cancer is spreading. Oregon can no longer contain it. Nor can the State afford it.

Sure, a big building was transformed in downtown Portland, in a foolish effort to improve the situation. It isn't working. And neither are the people who utilize it.

I visited Portland last Fall. And I noticed one significant change: The problem has gotten worse.

But the mess isn't limited to Portland, anymore. It exists all over the State.

Now I'm wondering: Is the Oregon Transformation website ALL that Oregonians have left to hold onto?

If that's the case, the good citizens of Oregon better hang on for dear life.

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