Friday, February 03, 2012

Re: Lisa Irwin: Clips Of Crapola

Dr. Phil Clip #1
Dr. Phil Clip #2
Dr. Phil Clip #3
Dr. Phil Clip #4
Dr. Phil Clip #5

Deborah: "We didn't compare stories and tell each other about how we felt until days later....our daughter was missing, the last thing we're going to do is talk about it."


Deborah Bradley made me want to vomit, today. And I was disgusted by Jeremy Irwin as he sat there like a guilty goon.

The two of them mouthed the words that their attorney, Joe Tacopina, told them to say. Bradley and Irwin were coached. That fact became obvious as I watched the couple interact with Dr. Phil.

Will Baby Lisa Renee Irwin ever come back?

Not as long as her parents, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, continue to find someone else to hide behind. You see, that's the real problem here: Baby Lisa isn't hiding...her parents are.

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