Friday, February 03, 2012

Re: Lisa Irwin: "We're So Excited..."



"We are so excited about it," Bradley said about the television appearance. "We cannot wait for it, for her face to be all over television again and reach different people."

"But it is in no way a cold case," Young told NBC Action News in an email. "It is still actively being investigated."

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RAW VIDEO: Jeremy Irwin talks about missing daughter Lisa Irwin

RAW VIDEO: Debbie Bradley talks about missing daughter Lisa Irwin

And there you have it: The Pre-Dr. Phil Commentary At The Door.

But do you think that after the interview is aired, tomorrow, someone is going to come racing back with Baby Lisa in his or her arms?

It would be the right thing to do.

After all, Deborah Bradley is so "excited" and can't wait to have her daughter's face "all over television again."

By golly..Debbie's gonna be a ce-le-brity again! Oh, goody!

Maybe she should go chew on one of Baby Lisa's toy rattles for good measure.

And what's up with Daddy Jeremy, hmmm?

He seemed rather nervous in the above video, didn't he?

Almost guilty, even.

Jeremy, you pathetic fool, why don't you just drop the phony pretense and tell the truth?

I don't want to see Jeremy, anymore. And I don't want to see Deborah, either.

I want to see Lisa Renee Irwin, safe and sound.

I want to see HER while you, Jeremy and you, Deborah, vanish into prison cells...never to be seen on television, ever again.

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