Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ruthie On The Road, Update--Part One

Well, here I am: In a tiny town in the Southeastern corner of Montana. And how I got here is a story, in itself.

And no, I am not in a motel. Nor am I in a homeless shelter.

I am in an older trailer with a full kitchen, living room, washer & dryer, a bathroom with a shower and a bedroom that includes a very comfy bed. The trailer is a stone's throw from the owner's house. The couple who owns this trailer and their house also own the local truck stop.

They've sort of adopted me for a short time.

(Let's roll back the tape to last Saturday)

I spent Friday night in a motel in Mitchell, South Dakota. The "Powers-That-Be" decided that it was too cold for me to hitchhike. So they put me in a motel on Friday night and onto a bus on Saturday afternoon. The bus took me from Mitchell to Rapid City, South Dakota.

I stayed at the local mission on Friday night. I didn't get to do my laundry or take a shower. In fact, I barely got dinner, there.

The next day, I rose up off of the cot that I tried all night to sleep on...and found out that Whitney Houston died. There I was, where I could barely get a bowl of beans...and I heard that Whitney probably doped herself to death.

And I decided that the Black Diva, who apparently was diving back into drugs and alcohol, never appreciated how good she had it. And now that she's dead, she never will. Dim Wit-ney.

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Linda said...

Drug addiction is not something to laugh about...but...I won't miss the diva. Her singing...and the singing of all the Whitney wannabe's that get piped into the grocery stores and doctor's offices make me want to slit my throat...or theirs! Give me Etta James any old day.