Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ruthie On The Road, Update--Part Three

I ended up back in Spearfish, South Dakota that night. Despite Porkella's attitude, the "Chaplain" put me in a motel room. The next morning, I walked through the city until I found a good place to start hitchhiking. And I did.

I got a ride up to Belle Fourche, South Dakota where I tried to get a ride up Highway 85. No one stopped.

So I walked over to Highway 212 and tried my luck there. After two rides, I finally stood in the dusty parking lot of a truck stop outpost. I was now in Southeastern Montana.

The owners of the truck stop, a man and his wife, took me to an old, double-wide trailer near their house. The trailer has a kitchen, dining room, a washer and dryer, a queen-sized bed in the bedroom, bathroom with shower and an attached garage. It also caught the wi-fi signal from the main house when I set-up my laptop in the unheated garage.

I spent two nights at the trailer. Then the wife drove me up to a larger town, this morning and dropped me off with money in my hand. A young man picked me up and drove me all the way from that town to where I am now: Miles City, Montana.

Tomorrow I will be back on the road, again.

Meanwhile, the following situation developed in Montana and ended in Nevada. The young girl is very lucky to be alive. She did a very stupid thing. Let this be a lesson to any other kid who considers doing something this dumb:

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