Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ruthie On The Road, Update--Part Two

I was dirty but I was able to navigate to the morning chapel service.

That is where I met the so-called "chaplain" and his superficial, pig of a wife. (Reee! Reee! Snort!) Oh, how I hope that someone eventually kicks her ass. KICK HER ONCE, FOR ME, DAMMIT!

Yeah, she is that bad.

The guy was okay, for the most part, just not real bright. He was also totally led by Porkella, his lard-lagging wife.

Well, Porkella got it in her fat head that I was enjoying a conversation with her husband...just a little too much. So, after her curly tail into a tighter knot, she squealed and kicked-up a fuss.

The Chaplain and his "barnyard" wife took me with them, after the shelter church service, from Rapid City, South Dakota to a little town in Wyoming. Then they dropped me off by the ramp to I-90.

I stuck out my thumb and 45 minutes later, a Wyoming State Trooper pulled his cruiser over and stopped. He gave me an official "warning" paper and told me that I couldn't hitchhike on the Interstate in Wyoming. He also said that if I was spotted in the action of hitchhiking (or even holding up a sign) by a State Trooper, again...I would go directly to jail.

My wings are now officially clipped in the State of Wyoming.

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