Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I was almost frozen to the spot, just outside of Lincoln, Nebraska, when he pulled his "soccer mom" wagon over and offered me a ride.

A local cop had checked on me awhile before that and I shooed him away.

But THIS guy didn't match the vehicle that he was driving. And I swore that I'd seen him before.

He was wearing a bandanna, wrap-around shades (on a very overcast, snowy day) and a black shirt from Sturgis. Old tattoos ran the length of his arms and he had the air of someone who was trying to pull something off. And he did.


It took several takes before I put it all together. But I never let on that I did.

He drove me all the way from Lincoln, Nebraska to this community near the Iowa border.

He dropped me off at the local truck stop and said goodbye. I smiled as I walked away.

I walked a quarter-of-a-mile down the road and then turned and assumed the position.

A County Mountie spotted me but didn't intervene. Then, about five chilly minutes later, a local cop did.

I guess the "powers-that-be" decided that I should have one decent memory before I leave Nebraska. So, tonight I will sleep in a comfortable bed at this nice hotel.

I consider it to be a nice send-off. Thank you, MIB.

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