Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I am at the "Rest Area Ritz" in Bozeman, Montana, tonight.

It is snowy and cold, outside and I am sitting on a wooden bench...on the other side of the window glass. People are coming in and going out, at regular intervals while I listen to Pandora Internet radio and type.

It has been a long week!

I have hitchhiked through Iowa, South Dakota (with one bus ride from Mitchell to Rapid City) and into Montana. I have hitchhiked through the "Eastern Outback" of Montana, including the obscure outposts of Alzeda and Broadus. And then I was granted a bus ride from Miles City to Billings, Montana.

I was dropped-off in a small town, yesterday evening. The people there bought me a room at the local Super 8 hotel. I took a long, hot bubble bath and slept in a cozy, queen-sized bed with four pillows on it. I made my own coffee and ate homemade soup and fresh-baked cookies.

Tonight, I am sitting in the main building in this rest area and comforting myself with the free wi-fi. It's rather chilly in here, but it's modern, well-lit and equipped with cameras. This is the only place that is available to me, tonight. This is all that the affluent community of Bozeman is willing to offer me.

I ate a bowl of noodles, two granola bars and some applesauce. That was my dinner, tonight. I am obviously still hungry but there is nothing that I can do about it. I spent my last $1.75 on a vitamin drink from the vending machine. Now I am broke.

It will be very cold when I leave this building, tomorrow morning. I am concerned about ice and if I will get a ride on Sunday morning.

But the worst part about this situation is the fact that the bronchitis that I struggled with last December, has returned. I am getting sick...again.

I have spent too much time out in chilly temperatures. I have eaten on the fly and I haven't gotten enough rest. I have been running on the road, almost day-after-day and now I am wearing out.

I just want to get to some place where I can stop for a week or so. And, despite the fact that I have no medical insurance, I'm going to have to go see a doctor, again.

May God grant me blessings. Soon.

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