Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I should have known when the day began much too nicely. I should have seen the ominous clouds, lurking just behind the sunbeams.

I should have realized that the day that started so perfectly would disintegrate into a cruel chaos.

And, of course, it wasn't fair.

But it did play-out exactly like I will describe it, here:

I woke up in the king-sized bed with the raspberry blankets and the many pillows. I yawned, stretched, used the rest room, started the coffee, flicked-on The Weather Channel and jumped into the shower.

I was preparing, like a true warrior, to go back on the road. But I had no idea, then, just how tough the battle would eventually become.

Breakfast at the hotel was substantial and I enjoyed the yogurt, boiled eggs, pancakes, biscuits & gravy, cereal, milk, orange juice, cranberry juice and (GASP!) coffee. Little did I know then that my next bite of food would not be for hours and hours.

I went out to the ramp when the time bell rang, and assumed the position in the snow. About ten-minutes later, a woman in a van stopped to pick me up. I got in and slid the door shut. After the woman dropped her daughter off at home, we were off.

We stopped for coffee along the way and commiserated like old pals. She drove me into Washington State and dropped me off next to a guard rail in that same State. We both thought that it would be a great jump-off point. We thought wrong.

In fact, EVERYTHING in the Spokane, Washington area is wrong. It just is.

I sat in the same spot for eight hours and never got a ride. I walked back to the gas station, through the snow and darkness, and the people there just blew me off. So I called the cops and THEY told me that they "aren't a taxi service." So they wouldn't come out and give me a ride, anywhere.

I was on my own.

So I walked back out onto the dark road and a young woman finally decided to give me a ride to the next town. Then she left me, literally, out in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately, I got a ride about fifteen-minutes later from a couple who brought me all the way to the police station in the town that I'm in, now.

The cops here gave me some munchies, allowed me to stay in the lobby and let me use the City Hall wi-fi.

I am very tired and I will probably have to get back on the road, today. That is not a good thing. I need rest and I haven't gotten enough of it...but I have had enough of Washington State.

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