Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I'm sitting in this warm motel room, dressed in my jammies, sitting on this comfy bed and typing away on my laptop.

The classic rock song, "Some Kind Of Wonderful" by Grand Funk Railroad, is playing in my ears.

I just ate two tangerines with an apple and washed it down with fresh orange juice.

"Can I get a witness?" (lyric from "Some Kind Of Wonderful).

I ate a pretty good dinner at the local Dairy Queen and I now have enough quarters to take the bus back to Highway 12, tomorrow.

How did this all happen?

God did it.

Despite and in spite of the two women that tried to do me wrong...God stepped-in and said, "Oh no, you don''re not going to do that to Ruthie, tonight."

Yeah, you two may have fooled me once but you won't do it, again. No, you won't. I wondered what was going on when you put me through a total questionnaire at Pizza Hut. And I bet that you didn't think that I realized that something wasn't fitting together. Even then.

I'm warning you: Stay out of my way. If I see you, I will look right through your ugliness and never acknowledge your existence. That's a promise. Because you two aren't worth my attention. I'll just let God deal with you. He took good care of me. I'm sure that He'll take care of you, too. Yeah, I just bet He will.

Yeah, you sure asked ME a lot of questions. But you didn't want to discuss much about yourselves. You cowards. You creeping, crawling, crass collections of crap. Keep your distance...the mud of your mindset does not belong in my life's house.

Be gone.

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