Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I got a good rest at the motel in Lewiston. When I went to check-out, the motel owner bought a taxi that took me all the way to the end of Clarkston.

I walked a couple of miles past that point and finally got a ride from a nice guy named Tom. He took me to a small town on Highway 12 and dropped me off at a little cafe. He gave me some money, a smile and then he was gone.

I went in and found the place empty, except for the cook who was bored and looking for something to do.

After I ate, arrangements were made for me to stay in the local, hole-in-the-wall motel. I was grateful for the gesture, but I had to change rooms when I watched a mouse run across the floor. There was no wi-fi there and the soap was the size of a postage stamp. But the water was hot in the shower and there were lots of towels on the rack. So, it was all good.

After I ate breakfast at the little cafe, the owner smiled, refused to take my money and said, "Good Luck!"

I left the cafe and walked, headfirst, into a snowstorm. I struggled against the howling wind, all the way to the edge of town. I found an old concrete and iron sewer cap, sticking up about a foot out of the ground and sat down on it.

Picture me, huddled on the side of the road, in the middle of a blizzard...and you've got an accurate mental snapshot of what I went through this morning. I was determined to continue on my journey. So I sat there and shivered.

Finally, a woman named Rose, who says that she is a nurse, stopped her car and offered me a ride. I climbed in and she turned on the heater in my seat. After a few minutes, it felt lovely. After my teeth stopped chattering, I told her what I am doing.

She is fascinated. She even took my picture.

When we got to the next sizable town, we agreed that I should not return to the road until tomorrow. The weather was just too crazy and cold today for me to go any further.

So I am now in this motel. My belly is full, a Diet Dew is sitting beside me on the desk and I am listening to Carly Simon's album, "Torch" on Rdio.

Tomorrow I will return to the road.

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