Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I was very tired when the cop shook me this morning. I woke up in the lobby of the police station and a sort of gray daylight was beginning to fill the sky.

I picked up my backpack and dragged myself into the rest room. It was time to get ready to go.

When I saw the clock on the building up the street, I realized that it was only 7am. And there I was, back on the road, again.

I walked and walked through the cold, morning air and when I finally reached a spot where I could hitchhike, it started to rain. It took awhile but I finally got a ride from a woman with a beautiful Hungarian accent.

She drove me to her home in Pullman, Washington. Her husband was running on a treadmill in the living room. Heat was crackling from the electric fireplace and President Obama was speaking on a huge flat screen TV.

The woman cooked me breakfast and put my wet jacket and gloves in the dryer. I played with two adorable dogs and tried to stay awake.

Later, the woman's husband drove me down here to Lewiston, Idaho. He got me a room in this motel and gave me some money, too. Today has been all about getting rest, which is what I am going to resume doing, in a little while.

Tomorrow I will head back into Washington (but farther south and away from Spokane) and then Oregon. It is Oregon that I am looking forward to walking back into, for several reasons.

The woman's husband talked with me about Man's inhumanity to Man (and woman). He is Hungarian, too and he is in his eighties. He remembers what happened to many of his people during World War II.

As he put it, "I had many ways to die."

And it is a miracle that he survived.

It was hard to wrap my mind around how I was treated in Washington, yesterday. There is so much affluence in the Spokane area and yet so much selfishness. The general population there is so White that it's ugly.

After I was left to shiver in the falling show...beside that dark highway...before I was rescued last night...I got angry. I still am.

I have the right to be.

The only thing that will evolve from the mindset that prevented many people from intervening on my behalf, yesterday...is a repeat of what happened in World War II.

But, no matter how deep it was buried, in the mass grave trenches...or how high it rose with the smoke from the ovens...the TRUTH survived and it still remains, today.

Love me or hate me. But be mindful of what your mindset will ultimately make YOU out to be.

Yes, there are many ways to die. But there is only one real way...to live.

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