Thursday, February 23, 2012

Stephanie, Diana And Lies To Me

Here I am, listening to a fountain pour freezing cold water down into a stone tub. I am sitting on a wrought-iron chair, typing on my laptop, which is sitting on a wrought-iron table...outside a florist shop.

They have a sign that says that this is a wi-fi hotspot. So I took a chance, took out my laptop and voila! I am connected to the Internet.

I am in Lewiston, Idaho right now. I was supposed to be going to Oregon, tonight. But here is what happened, instead:

I was set-up. Lied to. And tricked. I know that's what has happened here. And I bet that I know exactly who is behind what happened to me.

And I am angry. You bet I am. But more than that, I am disappointed.

I am disgusted with two women who have no scruples, ethics or integrity of any kind. They are phony and their actions were disgraceful.

I am going to have a tough time staying warm tonight. This is because I have very little hope that I am going to have any help of any kind in this small-town city. That's what they were hoping for...that I would end up out here in the cold.

One way or another, they will get paid back for what they did to me. One of them stepped forward and swore that the other one would drive me down to Oregon, today. But they also made darn sure that all of the money that I had left would be spent before they pulled their little stunt. And even when I double-checked (as a result of a message that I received on Facebook, today)with the driver via a phone call at the police department earlier this afternoon (because the library wouldn't let me use their phone)I was told that the driver said that she would be taking me to Oregon.

And then four hours later, she told a man at the sheriff's department (the police station window was closed) that she had decided not to take me down. I was stuck, stranded and left on my own. And the other woman? The one who initiated this fake deal in the first place?

She won't answer her phone now.

So now I am here. And it's getting colder. And I don't know where I will go to stay warm, tonight.

Those two women will eventually have to answer to God. Even if they never have the nerve to answer to me.

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Anonymous said...

Sure sorry this has happened to you, Ruthie. Let's hope the karma truck delivers special packages to these women and soon! Sure wish I lived closer to where you are, because I'd absolutely come help you out. It's a pleasure following your blog and the least one can do is lend a 'friend' a hand. Sure will be praying for ya! Should you get close enough for me to give you a ride or offer our guest room, you've got it! :)