Friday, March 16, 2012

Move On, Yourself, Mariella

The following is an open post to "Mariella" who contacted me with some housing information. After checking-out everything that "she" sent to me, I have decided to post this response:

Mariella: I don't know who you are. You have never provided me with any valid identification, whatsoever. I really have no way of knowing if you are even a female. You never introduced yourself, instead you just appeared out of nowhere (actually from Arkansas) and started telling me about some housing in Pullman, Washington.

I've never received any explanation from you as to why you've shared the housing information that you have.

And I not only consider your communication (and lack of it) to be disrespectful but also downright insulting.

Do you honestly think that I will follow-up on any of the information that you've sent to me?

I don't do business with some shadow-person off of the Internet.

If you don't put all of your cards on the table then don't expect me to pick any of them up.

And don't tell me how I should sleep or how I should deal with life. You are not in my shoes and you really know nothing about me. Fool.

My tracker has sent me consistent information about where you are sending your comments from:

____________ (Network)

216.163.98.# (Townes Telecommunications Services Corporation)

Foreman, Arkansas

33.7146, -94.3731

So why are you sending me information about housing in Washington State? And who is the "friend" that you referred to who supposedly lives in that State?

I have my own idea about what is really going on here and I want you to know that I haven't been fooled by anything that you've done so far. Nope.

And as for Pullman, Washington...I will say this about that: I was forced to sit outside, all night long, in that city, once.

I want nothing to do with that community. Not now or ever.

And after checking you out, "Mariella", I don't really want anything to do with you, either.

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