Thursday, March 08, 2012

Ruthie On The Road, Update

When my ex-friends in Kansas decided to pull the plug on my housing option, life became very rough for me. It still is.

Before everything blew up in my face, yesterday...a woman paid for me to stay in a very high-dollar hotel, bought me dinner at Mickey D's, purchased a bus ticket across Kansas and gave me twenty bucks.

I never did eat the dinner. My name was totally misspelled on the bus ticket. And after I found out that the ticket couldn't be used by anyone else or changed to another destination, I threw it away. It will never do anybody any good. The twenty-dollars has paid for laundry and transportation around town, so far.

The blood-pressure medication that I am supposed to be taking has run out. I finally got a refill set-up at a designated pharmacy. But if I take a bus out to the pharmacy to pick up the prescription and then pay for it, I won't have enough money to take a bus back downtown. And no one seems to understand why it is vital that I take the medicine (with the exception of one Juli Harris who watched the staff work on me in a Kansas emergency room).

The fact is, none of us knew that those two people in Kansas (who have nothing whatsoever to do with Juli Harris) would end up suspending the entire housing deal. They lured me as far as Colorado and then put the hammer down. And someday, I hope that a precious opportunity slips right through their hands and goes, instead, to someone more deserving.

Now, I don't know where I will eat dinner. I don't know how I will get the medicine that I must have. I don't know where I will sleep. I don't how I will replace the gloves that I accidentally left in a vehicle. I don't know how I will stay warm. I don't know how I will get out of here or where I will go to. And I'm getting mad.

There are thousands of vehicles and drivers, outside these walls, who could drive me to the pharmacy and let me get my medicine. Any of those people could drive me back to one of a multitude of churches in town. And any of the faithful flockers could roll out a sleeping bag on the floor of any one of those church buildings and let me get some sleep.

Anyone could give me a Ziploc pouch filled with apple slices and cheese. Anyone could throw me a couple of peanut butter and jam sandwiches. Anyone could offer me a place to take a hot bath. But no one will.

I emptied the dishwasher, rinsed the dinner dishes and loaded the dishwasher again, last night. I vacuumed two of the rooms this morning. I made use of myself at the warming center where I stayed last night.

But the word is that the warming center won't be open again, tonight. The AccuWeather website is forecasting that it will be 26 degrees Fahrenheit, later on this evening. I have no idea how I will keep from shivering in the cold like I did the other night in Boulder.

When I walked out of Boulder, the other day, through the frost fog of a new dawn...many people saw me. But only two people, out of hundreds, actually interacted with me.

When people sit in a big, beautiful building on Sunday morning and I scrunch-up on a bench on a Thursday night...there is something wrong.

I don't blame God for what has gone wrong. I blame His people.

We can't stop the sun from shooting solar flares at our planet. But nobody has to shoot their brother and sister in cold blood.

Nobody really has to leave me outside in the cold, all night, either.

I guess this Country has too many people in it, now...with too little conscience. I guess that those who HAVE...see those of us who DON' a creeping disease. What an ignorant blindness!

The pious people serve us soup but secretly hope that we'll never show up at their worship service. And they'll all get in their cars and trucks and SUV's, now, and ignore me as they drive away.

I already know. Oh, how I do.


Mariella said...

Hello Ruthie,

Are you wanting to get off the road for a while? If so what kind of accommodations are you looking for and how long would you like to get off the road?

Ruthie In The Sky said...

I am getting sick. I can feel it coming on.

My throat hurts, my joints ache and I am very tired.

Mariella sent me this comment, today, March 14 and I am going to post this response.

I want a place, Mariella, where I can take proper care of myself. I want to curl up in my jammies if I need to. I want to soak in a nice, steaming tub of water. I want to drink a gallon of orange juice and then lay down in a soft bed and sleep for eight uninterrupted hours.

I want wi-fi and privacy. I want to create in peace.

I want to grow green plants on the windowsill. I want to hang windchimes by the door.

I want to go home for good. I don't want to be someone elses' way of paying bills. I don't want to be exploited. I want to be respected.

I want to write. I have a serious project in mind.

Why are you asking me?