Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I am getting sick. I can feel it coming on.

My throat hurts, my joints ache and I am very tired.

Right now, I don't know how I am even going to walk down to the "Warming Station."

Mariella sent me this comment, today, March 14: "Hello Ruthie,

Are you wanting to get off the road for a while? If so what kind of accommodations are you looking for and how long would you like to get off the road?"

My Response:

I want a place, Mariella, where I can take proper care of myself. I want to curl up in my jammies if I need to. I want to soak in a nice, steaming tub of water. I want to drink a gallon of orange juice and then lay down in a soft bed and sleep for eight uninterrupted hours.

I want wi-fi and privacy. I want to create in peace.

I want to grow green plants on the windowsill. I want to hang wind chimes by the door.

I want to go home for good. I don't want to be someone elses way of paying bills. I don't want to be exploited. I want to be respected.

I want to write. I have a serious project in mind.

Why are you asking me?

Mariella sent me a reply. Check the comments to follow-along with the exchange of correspondence.


Ruthie In The Sky said...

Someone named Mariella has contacted me about possible housing in Washington State. This is her comment, minus her email address:

Hello, Ruthie:

Thank you for your reply, I do have something in mind for you but it would require you to retire from the road for a while and I am not sure how you feel about that or if you would be willing to come off the road for any length of time.

There is a little town in eastern WA that I think would be a good fit for you, I have a friend that lives out there.

There is some very nice affordable housing that is available that is based on your income. If you receive any type of assistance i.e. disability for instance you would qualify.

The apartments are unfurnished but are very nice, it certainly beats sleeping out in the cold.

Utilities are included with the rent and I am sure that you could find a good deal on a bed on Craigs List, a second hand shop, or maybe even through a neighborly donation. There is free wi-fi within walking distance (less than a block from the complex).

Respectfully, I do not want to discuss what I have in mind to be posted on a public blog, I am sure that you can appreciate my request.

Here is my email address: (not posted here)

Please do not post my email address on your public blog as this is my personal email address and it was given to you only to get in contact with me.

This is just a thought for you and your situation of needing to get off the road to rest.



Ruthie In The Sky said...


First of all, I have no interest in HUD-based, public housing. I will not enter into a contract of any kind that will tie me to the Federal Government. I never want Uncle Sam to be my landlord.

However, I will pay a fair market price for an apartment (under no circumstances will I enter into a roommate or a sublease situation)and I will sign a year lease (directly) between myself and a (local) landlord.

I won't discuss anything financial with you over the Internet. Period.

I also won't furnish an apartment with a second-hand bed. I have already dealt with an apartment that wound-up being infested with bed bugs. Never again!

I will sleep on the floor in my sleeping bag before I will sleep on someone elses old bed!

You say that you "have something in mind" for me. While you may be a nice person with good intentions, I also know that you might actually be a jerk with a very bad, hidden agenda.

So I am looking at this with my eyes wide open. And I am including your second correspondance to me, here, in my "public blog"...on purpose.

For the most part, I strongly dislike Eastern Washington. With the exception of Dayton and Pomeroy, the folks in that part of the State treated me very badly the last time that I went through there.

I want nothing to do with anything that is within a twenty-mile radius of Spokane.

I don't like Spokane, Tacoma, Yakima or Pasco. However, I will consider Wenatchee, Dayton and Pomeroy.


Mariella said...

Hello Ruthie,

I do not have "anything in mind for you" you have taken the meaning of my message out of context.

If the information that I sent to you in regards to housing is not something that you would be interested in, then that is really all you needed to say.

As far as the bed situation goes, anytime you sleep at a bed at a motel you are sleeping on something that hundreds of other people have slept on before you have.

There are alot of people who prefer to purchase gently used items from thrift shops, garage sales, Craigs List, etc.

Like the willow, sometimes you have got to bend alittle.


Ruthie In The Sky said...

Please refer to my new post. I am going to put it up in my blog, today. You darn betcha.