Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ruthie On The Road, Update

Not all truckers are jackasses. But some of them are.

I met a really worthless one the other day. His truck was dirty and his mind was worse.

And that fits right into the fact that he is from Kansas.

I know exactly where that lowlife parks his truck when he returns to that State.

He made the mistake of acting like a total loser after I got into his truck. So I decided to make him real well-known. Now he is.

Oh no, not because I have mentioned him here, in this blog. He's jumped to a higher profile as a result of another communication, entirely.

God bless the Internet.

I hitchhiked out of a pouring, cold rain and took a left turn when I reached Biggs, Oregon.

Now, my greatest concern is my left knee. There is something very wrong with it. It is swollen and sore. It is literally affecting how I walk...which is not very well, right now.

I will post another update when I decide which way to go. See ya, truckers.

May God blow some mud in your eyes.

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