Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ruthie On The Road, Update

A great deal has happened since I put my last post up, here.

When I logged my last entry, I was in Longmont, Colorado. Tonight, I am in Pendleton, Oregon.

Yeah, I'm back, again.

And this is what transpired, that eventually put me back on the road, again:

That evening, I met the local homeless outreach group, at the Justice Center and I told them what was going on. And for once, somebody really LISTENED.

First, they fed me some bodacious chili...right there, with the rest of the homies, in the parking lot. Then they packed me up, with the rest of the group, and brought me over to the pharmacy where I was able to get my blood pressure medication refilled.

Then, they picked me back up and brought me over to a nighttime drop-in center. And after I discussed my situation a bit further, we decided that I needed to get cleaned up again and get some more sleep.

So the good folks there brought me over to the Super 8 motel. Once there, I divided my sleep between a bubble bath and a bed with four overstuffed pillows.

The following day, we went back to the same bus station AGAIN. But this time, we did everything together and we did it right.

We picked a location, a reasonable schedule (with one transfer) and even made sure that my name was spelled correctly on the ticket. THIS TIME, I was really going to get on the bus. And I did...the next morning.

I spent another night in a motel (more of the Clampett variety, this time) and then walked up to the bus station the next morning. I took the bus from Longmont, Colorado to Pendleton, Oregon. That is all of the Greyhound that I could take.

Tonight, I am at a very basic warming center that is in its first year of operation. It is a very important step forward for the City of Pendleton. And I never thought that I'd ever see it become a reality, here. But it is now.

I ate well and now I am using the wi-fi to post this update.

Sure, I'm tired and I don't know how I am going to tolerate the cold when the warming center closes at 6a.m. tomorrow morning. But I will survive, somehow.

I am a very fortunate person, blessed, really. Even at the toughest moments. I am lucky to have had the opportunity to experience so very much in life.

And I would like to thank everyone in the homeless outreach group in Longmont, Colorado for their love and support. May God bless you all. I will remember you with a smile...always.

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