Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What Good Is It?

There is a website that is part of a group that calls itself, "GOOD."

I have checked it out. And I have come to the conclusion that it most likely won't ever do ME any good.

It's all about the high-end of the provider-system. Yeah. Which probably explains why they asked for a definition for the word, "altruistic" on their Facebook page, today.

I mean, it's just sooo important to define that word in "five words or less."

I decided, for kicks and giggles, to add my definition: "Caring: Between caviar and crabgrass."

And I just know that they will never understand what I wrote. Nah, not that group.

Right now, they're offering hundreds of dollars in grant money to anyone who comes up with (wait for it...) a "good" idea for "doing good."

I have a few ideas that I could share with them. But I doubt that they'd be accepted...mainly because my ideas make too much sense.

So, in the box at the top of the page, where it says, "Write Something", I wrote:

"The space says: "Write Something." So I am going to. How could you all have any idea what I am feeling, today? How could you? I am so fed up with the balderdash. It just never ends. Organizations, agencies and provider-system poo bahs: All grabbing for money and distancing themselves from people like me. Yeah, sure, you all have the "best of intentions." But where do those intentions really go? I am still left with the same alienation that I have always been subject to. Alienation that never will be justified. You see tomorrow and I see taillights. Outside of the borders...we never meet. I go my way and you go yours. And GOOD has nothing to do with the sound of our separate footsteps...as we walk away from each other...again."

I wanted to write something that will make them all think. I figure any well-heeled, do-gooders who are tossing around the word "altruistic" have enough time on their Merle-Norman-manicured hands to consider my words.

So there they are.

The words will probably get deleted.

How much do you want to bet?

Yeah, they'll be erased...all for the common good.

UPDATE: Two hours later, the message remains...although it is getting buried by other posts. An Aesthetics & Laser Center in Richardson, Texas likes what I wrote.

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