Sunday, April 08, 2012

At The End Of The Day...

"Whaddya you lookin' at, huh?!"

"You ate some of my relatives, today!"


"Yeah, you took my brother and sister eggs from their mama chickens, loaded them into packages, trucked them into town and stacked them on refrigerated shelves in grocery stores. THEN, you came in, grabbed the packages and took them home!"

"You savages took my thoroughly chilled brothers and sisters OUT of the packages and dumped them into BOILING HOT water!!!" "You could have quit right there...but NO!!"

"YOU took my poor brother and sister eggs, cooled them down and then dunked them in funny-colored water. Then you pasted things on them, wrote on them and HID them all over the place!!"

"You KNEW what you were doing is wrong but YOU DID IT, ANYWAY!!!"

"And after all of my dear brothers and sisters were collected again, you ATE some of them!!!!"

"What are you going to do to the rest of them, huh?"

"It's not Easter, it's MURDER...egg genocide!"

"You must stop this insanity, immediately and release the rest of my fellow eggs to ME!"

"Hey, wait a minute...let go of me!"

"You don't want want that chocolate bunny over there!"


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