Friday, April 20, 2012

Ruthie On The Road, Update

This is a video message that I recorded a few days ago...when I was still in Coos Bay, Oregon. It is for "The Bullies." I rather like it. And I think it reflects my attitude about them, very nicely.

I am still in Newport, Oregon. This is because a very amazing series of events took place last night...all done in the cold and the pouring rain.

I walked out of the library and a woman on a bike, who was pulling her daughter in one of those little tent deals, behind her, stopped. She asked me, "May I be of some assistance?" She smiled through the mist and I told her what was going on. She invited me back to her house. She lives there with her daughter, who is a three-year-old, redhead double of Kiara Horman...complete with freckles.

As we began to walk together (she on her bike and me with my backpack) a woman came up to us, holding a plastic bag.
"I have some food here, it's from the cafe, it's very good, would you like it?" I took it and thanked her as she got back into her car and out of the rain.

"Gee, all we need now is for me to get a ride...then you could bike back and I wouldn't keep slowing you down" I said.

Suddenly, the young woman spotted a friend and asked him if he would give me a ride to the young woman's house. He said, "sure" and we all met together at the young woman's front door. I spent the night there last night, listening to her finch and watching the cat that wants to eat it. The young woman's daughter engaged me in a pre-dinner session of "Fun With Play-Doh" and calls to distant relatives on her toy phone.

I am going to stay at the woman's house again, tonight. Then I will get back on the road (hopefully with the sun shining) tomorrow morning.

I also hope to finally capture some video of me by the ocean...right down on the in Newport, tomorrow, as well. Pray for sunshine.

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