Friday, April 27, 2012

Blondie, Blogger And Brett

-Google Gurus And Blogger Buddies-

Remember when some nefarious individuals hacked into Google Gmail and thousands of email accounts went haywire?

Today, the same hysteria is beginning to build as the result of one, single, simple email...that was sent out to A WHOLE BUNCH OF PEOPLE, recently. Yes, Google/Blogger decided that it was time for us to clear out or claim our "old" blogs.

I have only one "old " blog...or so I thought.

So, I joined the growing Google group...that is rapidly going crazy...and asked "What is going on, Google!?"

I thought, for a panic-stricken twenty-minutes today, that Google/Blogger was going to erase this blog.

Here's why:

For some mysterious reason (which I haven't totally figured out, yet), Google/Blogger sent out an email to everyone who has an old blog that hasn't seen the light of a cyber-day since 2003. Or something like that.

Every blog that was created under "Legacy" (I still can't remember what that is) and never carried over to Blogger or logged into (since way-back-when)...either has to come up for air or it will go belly-up very soon.

But the email didn't explain the caveats correctly and led many people to believe that their "older" blogs (like this one which, of course, was created in 2004) would have to "migrate" to the "new" Blogger (eh, what?) or risk certain death.

The email instructed me to log-in in the spaces provided (even though I was already logged-in to Google/Blogger) and agree to some mystical "terms of service." The idea being that once I filled-in the required spaces and checked the appropriate box, I would then go to the next step toward saving this blog from a cyber black hole.

I did as instructed and hit "submit." It didn't work. I was told that my log-in was incorrect.

"AHHHH!" I thought as fear began to grip this old woman's heart.

I went straight to the Official Google Blog and followed the tracks of other bamboozled bloggers and found Brett.

I sort of pictured him...sitting a shocked name after name, tied to messages like these, popped-up on his computer screen, today:

"Help, Brett!"

"I DON'T HAVE an old blog!"

"WTF is Legacy?"

"I can't log-in through that email."

"Don't take my blog down!!!"

And being the owner of one of the oldest Google/Blogger blogs online, I raised my hand and shouted through a verbal bullhorn: "I remember when some nefarious individuals hacked into Gmail, awhile back. Is this going to end up like that Google flap did?"

I was certain that I didn't have an old blog, sitting quietly in a dusty database, somewhere. But, Brett, to his credit, actually found the rogue blog, in question and provided me the link to it. I clicked on the link and Voila! there was an old blog template...from some old account that I no longer have...but evidently once did...with the name "Blondie Stargaze" attached to it.

At some point, long ago and far away, I created a blog that I totally forgot about. I never posted in it and I never went beyond the title name. But when I saw that name, I burst out laughing.

Blondie Stargaze.

That is a name that I used to go by, online, a long, long, loooong time ago.

In fact, that name died after I lost my old HotMail email account for being an Internet "bad girl."

How did I get that email account suspended?

I logged into that account...and exchanged emails with some people...via a computer terminal...that was tucked-away in a media closet...of the Pentagon. Yes, THAT Pentagon. And yes, I did, too do it.

Fine. Don't believe me. But it's the truth.

I knew someone, at the time, who was in the military and he had access to that "media closet." I joked about using a computer in there and then he helped me do it. This was BEFORE 9/11.

Soon after that activity took place, my account was suspended and a newspaper in Florida wrote a
story about it (but they left out the Pentagon part). HotMail went on the record with the statement that what I had done (they didn't allude to anything specific) was a violation of their "Terms Of Service" and "very serious."

So Blondie went bye-bye.

Brett explained to me that only the "Blondie Stargaze" blog is in  limbo. My other blogs are safe.

When I read his words, I breathed a sigh of relief.

And then I thought back to the days of Blondie Stargaze. I've come a long way since then.


~Rust Never Sleeps~

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