Sunday, April 01, 2012

I've Got A Name

I have been watching my tracker. And the stats from Google. And I now realize that this blog, such as it is, has a tremendous reach.

Maybe it's the fact that this blog has been around for so long. Maybe it's the fact that I put so much time into the plight of missing people, over the years. Maybe people like my hitchhiking stories from the road.

Whatever the we go, again.

I don't know what Google (which is going to make some major changes this month) is going to make of this turnaround.

This is a seven-year-old project that includes a big archive. I don't know how much longer the
Big "G" is going to allow me to maintain this blog. I don't know if I will have to change my format and I don't know if doing that will affect the archive. That is my major concern, right now. I sure don't want to lose the archive. That's my history and a page or two in other people's memory book, too. Plus, this blog represents a lot of work. Believe that!

I'm sure that Google and I will come to a meeting of the minds on this. You, the readers, already have.

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