Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Paying Back The Bullies--Part One:

I can't stand bullies. I met several, yesterday.

I left the motel in Brookings, Oregon and walked through the cold, pouring rain (with the backpack and sleeping bag on my back)  to a place where I thought the people would act like decent human beings.

And then they didn't like that.

In fact, they did some things that were wrong. And very stupid.

As a result of their bad behavior, I sent an email and this is an excerpt:

["I want to finally settle down, somewhere. So, I have been looking for
shelter, both short and long-term.

I made it to Brookings, Oregon yesterday. Today, I
contacted what I thought would
be a helpful service in downtown Brookings.

I called the service and then went to their building. I am used to
dealing with agencies and organizations
(like everyone else in the system) but after I got there, I realized
that something was wrong. Something
IS wrong, there.

The service goes by the name of:
(Name Temporarily Withheld)

According to an article that I found online, the service "...has
received its Oregon state non-profit recognition
and is eagerly awaiting federal non-profit recognition."

I wonder if that gave them any legal right to try what they did, today.

I simply walked in to get information about local resources, short and
long-term housing, etc. And the next
thing I knew, they were asking me for a computer print-out of my
current bank statement!

They didn't just ask, mind you, they insisted. They tried to tell me
that they needed it to add to some housing
application that might provide me housing in "three months to five years."

All they focused on, while I was there, was the information from my
bank and from __________. They wanted to get a copy of
my ______________________________. They told me to give them
information so that they could get a copy of the ________________
faxed to them.
I told them that acquiring a document like that would require that I
request it, in person, at _______________.

They were
starting to make me feel very uncomfortable.

When I finally flat-out refused to provide any additional information,
(Name Temporarily Withheld) dialed the national call center for my bank
and shoved her cell phone into my hand.

"Tell your bank that you want your statement faxed to us" _______
said. I had enough common sense to realize that what she
wanted was totally out of the question. My bank would never do such a
thing in response to a request over the phone.

When I wouldn't talk on the phone, she said, " You're making me angry!"

That did it.

I told her and (Name Temporarily Withheld) that I didn't want anything more to do
with them. I told them that they couldn't counsel a problem
out of a paper bag. And I told them that without real knowledge and
respect, they were basically useless to me. Finally, I told
them that no one in a professional position has any business telling a
client "you're making me angry."

I got ready to leave but the two women began to get uneasy. _______
told ______ about my blog (my blog is seven-years-old and
people actually read it) and _______ said: "You better watch what you
write in your blog about us."

Then she asked me why I had a laptop and "good clothes." She said that
she didn't think that I was telling the truth about who
I am and said, "I don't think you're being on the up-and-up with us."

I asked them what they thought I was doing there and _______ replied, "I
don't think that you're here for help."

They did finally manage to arrange for the ________ _______ in Crescent City,
California to give me this motel room, tonight. But the
interaction between the three of us, by then, was very cold.

Then ______ held up her cell phone and took a picture of me. She put
the photo on her personal cell phone and never asked me
for permission.

________ ___________ and her mother took me down here to Crescent City,
picked up the ________________________ and then brought
me over here to the motel. It  was obvious by that time, that ___________
was more concerned about whether or not I was going to
tell anyone or write anything about what happened, today.

Well, I'm writing this letter to you, now.

Please respond.


Ruth Rader"]

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