Sunday, April 08, 2012

Ruthie On The Road, Update--Part One

I left The Dalles, Oregon and hitchhiked eastbound down Interstate 84. When I got to Biggs, a friend of mine rolled up in her car. We were delighted to see each other again and ate apples and almonds all the way to Pendleton.

Then she dropped me off on highway 395 and I hitchhiked south to the very strange little town of Pilot Rock, Oregon. After I was dropped off, I walked out to the other end of town and sat down on a guard rail.

The sun set and no one picked me up.

So I headed back toward the little town and I met the town cop. He got the less than brilliant idea to direct me to an unheated restroom building in the town park. He gave me three thin, wool blankets, several packages of military rations, spoons and then he vanished.

The following video was recorded inside the bathroom stall at 3:30 in the morning. I wrapped-up in the blankets as best that I could and balanced the laptop on my backpack:

The following day, I left there and walked back out to that same guard rail, again. And I was cold...just so very cold.

The following video includes the rest of my reaction to how I was treated the other night in Pilot Rock, Oregon:

Finally, I got a ride from a man who was heading south with his dog. That man drove his truck past tall redwoods, roiling mountain streams and snow-covered mountains. As we rode together through that magnificent country, I slowly began to warm up.

When we got to a desolate junction point, the man handed me off to another man who just happened to drive up at the same time. And THAT man drove me to the gas station/country store/post office in the pines.

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