Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ruthie On The Road, Update

Yesterday...which seems like a million years ago, now...I woke up in a motel room in Redmond, Oregon. Dressed in baby-blue jammies, I padded into the my shower, got dressed,
ate two peanut butter and jam sandwiches, slugged down a Diet Dew and then packed my gear.

I got a ride on a shuttle bus to Sisters, Oregon and then I hitched a ride to nearby Black Butte.
Then I stood there, on the shoulder of highway 20 and looked at the very tall evergreen trees
around me.

I waited on that highway for several hours.

I finally got a ride to a rest area that is located about 14 miles north of Eugene, Oregon. And I
stayed at that rest area last night. I am very tired today.

(Don't worry, Terri...I'll get to your corner, eventually)

This morning...oh you should have seen me! I walked out of the rest area and onto the shoulder of
Interstate 5...and it was like a movie...

Morning rush hour traffic was just beginning to roar down the road as a cold wind blew my hair
in all directions. I was dressed in a double-layer of clothing and very tired. I was all by myself on the
shoulder between whooshing vehicles and a flat expanse of ground that stretches out to the
mountains in the distance.

Over a hundred people must have seen me. And the expression on some of the faces was amusing.

Finally, a young woman named Carrie, stopped and picked me up. She had actually seen me once,
went by me, thought about it and then came back.

I was cold (she handed me a hot cup of Starbucks coffee), I was hungry (she handed me a thick slice of delicious pumpkin bread), the zipper broke on my jacket (she handed me her L.L. Bean jacket) and I needed a ride (she drove me to Corvallis, Oregon). I will meet her mother in a small town by
Highway 101 (hopefully) tomorrow.

Yes, Carrie is an angel...a blessed being who likes to pilot hot air balloons (true!)...and is a very
special spirit in her own right. I consider what I had to go through in order to be in the right place
at the right time to meet her...well worth it.

As she drove me to Corvallis, I saw lambs chewing on fresh, emerald-tinted grass. And a rainbow
arced, like a new promise, across the sky.

I am going to the ocean. I should reach it, tomorrow. When I do, I will put it on video.

Yes, I will call to that Pacific Ocean as its magnificent waves welcome me back. I will watch as the wind blows through the sea grass and I'll smile at the birds as they glide across the wide sky.

I will spend some time...with an old friend.

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