Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I left Crescent City, California courtesy of a man who just decided that taking a long drive through the rain was just what he wanted to do. He drove me from there to Gold Beach, Oregon.

And when we rolled through Brookings, I told him the story about the bullies. (I assume that you noticed the word, "temporary" in my posts, April?)

I stood in the cold wind, on the other side of a very long bridge, for about an hour before a couple of guys stopped their rig.

The guys were dressed like backwoods hicks and they drove a truck that was pulling an old, beat-up RV trailer.

When I saw the first guy, the passenger, step out of the truck, I hesitated.

He stood about 6' 3" and almost casually leaned against the wind and lit a cigarette. The other guy, a short, heavier man with grizzle on his face and a mop of curls on his head, walked right up to me.

He introduced himself and shook my hand.

"Hmmmm...." I thought.

I walked up to the truck and got a closer look at the first guy. Then I saw a ball of white fur move into the passenger window frame.

"That's my dog" said the short guy with a smile.

The dog barked at me and pawed at the glass. The truck was set high and so the short guy got a block of wood from the RV and put it down for me. The tall guy agreed to sit in the back "rumble seat" and I stepped on the wood and hoisted myself into the front passenger seat.

The short guy climbed into the driver seat and said, "Yeah, we saw you back in Crescent City but we were going the other way. We had some business to do. I just remember your smile. We came off the bridge and there was that smile, again. So we just had to stop and pick you up."

As the miles went by, I found out that they are going up into some mountains where they are going to pan for gold. -Shrug- Hey, that's what they said.

They stopped for groceries and got me some chicken and a bottle of Diet Dew. I had money ($24) but they wouldn't take it. In fact, after they finished shopping, they gave ME more money.

I told them that I wanted to spend it on a motel room...for myself, only. The guys laughed and kept on driving. In total, they took me from Gold Beach to Coos Bay, Oregon. When I got there, the short guy brought me into the motel office. After we took care of the bill together, he handed me another thirty-dollars, told me that it was nice to meet me and walked away.

Yesterday, I walked out of Coos Bay and that effort just about tore up my left knee. By the time that I got almost to the edge of town, I was really limping.

A tall glass of orange juice on ice, two Ibuprofen and a taxi ride later, I was finally on my way, again.

Several rides later, I was in (Fark Off!) Florence. I was experienced enough to realize that it's never a wise decision to get stuck in that little city.

So, after striking out with the local provider-system (WHAT "provider-system"? Fark Off!) I found a wide turn-around by an abandoned business, sat down on my backpack and stuck out my thumb.

A sweet lady (who looks much younger than her years) stopped and picked me up. She brought me back to her home that is located just north of (Fark Off!) Florence. She introduced me to her husband, three doxies and two cats. I ate food from Taco Bell (which I bought) and watched "American Idol" on a big
flat screen TV.

After I took a shower and got my laundry done, I went to bed and slept very well. I got up early this morning and the lady and her husband drove me through the pouring rain to where I am now: Newport, Oregon.

It's cold and wet, outside but I think the rain may have let up a bit...I'm going to miss the last bus that would have only taken me fifteen-miles out of town. I wanted to take some time off the road and catch-up on everything that I have to do, online.

So, tonight I will wander out with no idea where I will end up...I only know that there is nowhere for me to stay here in Newport. But isn't that the fascination of life: Never really knowing where you're going until you get to right where you belong?

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