Thursday, April 19, 2012

..."With Diamonds"


Have you ever been in the position where you knew some facts that some other people didn't know that you knew?

And you watched events unfold with an amused smile...just observing the activities like a kid at a three-ring circus?

Well, it's like that for me, today.

I discovered two new conversations on the Internet, today. Neither of the instigators knows that the other one exists.

One is on Facebook and the other one is on a professional site that will (for the moment) remain nameless.

The Facebook page is the work of someone who is crazy. The person is obviously mentally ill. And that page has proven that even I, the humble blogger of sorts, can and do have an insane person stalking me.

The poor dear needs help...intense therapy and perhaps a prune enema. After all, it will take quite a bit of intervention to get all of the toxins out of that system.

Meanwhile, what this wacko doesn't know (but most likely will know now) is that someone else published an entirely different take on me, recently. Her words (along with a sample of my art work) were posted on April 17.

She is a professional. By that I mean that she has her own business. And the good folks that read her words are professionals, too.

She has a lot of nice things to say about me. And I appreciate that.

For some reason she has been thinking about me, lately. I believe that is related to God. I really do.

Something is converging with something else and soon...someone...will have to make a choice. And that choice will involve me.

I'm a force to be reckoned with...that is for sure. I've had eighteen-years on the road to become who I am today...and none of what I cultivated within myself has been marred by drugs, cigarettes or alcohol.

I'm still thinking with a stable mind and freely walking down the roads of North America. Nothing and no one has stopped me. And they never will.

My words, written and spoken...are wrapped in God's blessings. And they will stay that way, forever.

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