Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gay/Lesbian Issue: My Take

It's all over the news, today. As I expected that it would be.

And so I have decided that it's time for me to toss my two cents in the "Is It Okay To Be Gay Or A Lesbian?" discussion pool.

If this costs me some readers, so be it. Who knows?  I might just gain a few.

Yesterday, my Facebook friend, Lori, decided to make her feelings known about this issue. She did it in the most eloquent way that I have ever read. Her words made ME think (it usually works the other way around).

Lori is a mother and she's married to a great guy. She also believes that hate, based on adult sexual orientation (notice I have included the word "adult" here and I am referring to a relationship between two consenting adults) has no place in our society.

I agree.

Barack Obama didn't lead me to publish this post, today. In fact, I think that the government, on every level (city, county, State or Federal) has no business telling any responsible adult who he or she should fall in love with.

I sure hope, however, that Barack Obama maintains his stance on this issue. To me, he isn't speaking as the President but as a man who has finally made his choice. I just think that it's sad that such a "choice" even has to be "made."

We, as a Nation, should be beyond all of this by now.

We should be, but we aren't.

And now, Mitt Romney (whom I totally despise) is being accused of being a HATER.





No amount of homophobic foolishness is going to make our Country any better. Tolerance and
a heightened level of  Respect, will.

We're having enough trouble keeping our Economy in check right now. We don't need to bankrupt
our hearts, as well.

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